Budget Debate 2024: Yeo Wan Ling on more help for different worker groups

NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Yeo Wan Ling highlights job security as a key concern for various worker groups and suggests new ways to support them.

By Nicolette Yeo 28 Feb 2024
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Speaking at the Budget Debate on 27 February 2024, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Yeo Wan Ling called on the Government to prioritise flexible work arrangements and put in more resources to guide employers in their implementation.


Ms Yeo also called for platform workers to have more protection and representation for earnings, benefits, and welfare. She also called for more access to upskilling courses and livelihood support during training for platform workers wishing to move out of platform work.


She also urged the Government to partner with guilds and unions to make skills trades more attractive to youth and mid-career workers.