FairPrice Group introduces discount scheme to help Singaporeans beat inflation

Shoppers can save over $2,000 on a wide range of groceries and other essential goods.

By Nicolette Yeo 16 Jun 2023
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Singaporeans can look forward to extra support for their daily needs on top of the Government’s latest cost-of-living cash payouts.


Fairprice Group (FPG) launched on 16 June 2023 the Save Every Day campaign to help Singaporeans save more on their grocery purchases at FairPrice supermarkets, the online delivery store and via the FPG app.


The campaign is in its third run.


From 15 June to 13 September 2023, shoppers can use discount coupons to save over $2,000 on a wide range of essentials, such as fresh and frozen food and personal and household products.


The 400 coupons can be used over and above existing promotions, discounts, and member rebates.


Shoppers can collect the physical coupons in-store or activate the vouchers for purchases made online and on the FPG app.


FPG Group CEO Vipul Chawla said: “FPG’s Save Every Day campaign helps Singaporeans stretch their dollar. 


“Moderating the cost of living is FPG’s first order of business. We understand the pressures of inflation on household incomes and remain committed to keeping food and daily essentials readily available and within reach for all our customers.”


Additional cost-of-living support


Shoppers can also use the FPG app to enjoy additional discounts with FPG’s 50 days of savings campaign.


From 15 June to 3 August 2023, FPG app users can save on FairPrice Housebrand products and other grocery items, plus redeem rewards.


FPG app users can also continue to savour the popular 50 cents kopi and teh deal at all participating Kopitiam outlets till 3 August 2023.


“It’s very convenient to shop and pay with the FairPrice Group app. Although I only shop for groceries once a week, I’m really grateful for the discounts offered on essentials and also for my favourite tea-time kueh and 50 cents kopi,” said Goh Yen Ting, who uses the app at least once a week for groceries.


These new and extended campaigns are part of the group’s ongoing mission to moderate the cost of living.


They follow FPG’s May Day 2023 deals for NTUC union and Link members with savings and discounts of up to $2 million and various value programmes in 2022 with savings of $11.5 million.


Shoppers can continue to shop at FairPrice outlets on the following days for more discounts: 


  • Monday and Wednesday: 3 per cent for Pioneer Generation members

  • Tuesday: 2 per cent for seniors aged 60 years old and above

  • Wednesday: 3 per cent for Merdeka and Pioneer Generation members

  • Thursday: 3 per cent for CHAS Blue cardholders



To get your coupons, visit any FairPrice outlet or download the FPG app.