MOM COS 2024: NTUC Cares About Uplifting Lower-Wage Workers

Labour Members of Parliament Fahmi Aliman and Yeo Wan Ling advocate for enhancing the welfare of lower-wage workers during the Ministry of Manpower’s Committee of Supply Debate.
By Kay del Rosario 05 Mar 2024


At the Ministry of Manpower’s Committee of Supply Debate on 4 March 2024, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Yeo Wan Ling highlighted the need for societal effort in uplifting lower-wage workers, and called for educating service buyers on Progressive Wage Model best practices.


She also emphasised the importance of skilled trades and the need for the Career Progression Model to attract new talent.


NTUC Operations and Mobilisation Division Director Fahmi Aliman addressed concerns over the new Local Qualifying Salary’s impact on business costs, and sought support for employers in managing their business costs.