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Migrant Workers’ Centre enhances its associate membership benefits

The enhancements were announced at this year’s May Day Migrant Workers Celebration. 

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By Shukry Rashid 11 Jun 2023
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The Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) has successfully onboarded 25,000 migrant workers to its associate membership less than a year after it was launched.

The MWC rolled out its associate membership last November to ensure that migrant workers’ interests are looked after, including having insurance protection.

Besides providing migrant workers a group insurance protection plan for critical illness or death, the membership also gives them other benefits such as training and skills upgrading, telco packages, and medical and employment agency services.

Enhanced benefits for associate members

NTUC and the MWC gave the update on 11 June 2023 at the main May Day Migrant Workers Celebration held at the MWC Recreation Club.

The celebration at the MWC Recreation Club was graced by NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Heng Chee How. More than 8,000 migrant workers attended the event.

Mr Heng also witnessed the signing of a memorandum of understanding between MWC’s humanitarian charity Migrant Workers’ Assistance Fund (MWAF)and MigrantWell Singapore.

The agreement seeks to provide affordable dental services for migrant workers.

As part of the partnership, MWAF will donate $3 million to fund the programme for six years.

The programme is expected to offer better access to dental services for 4,000 migrant workers annually.

Migrant workers seeking dental care via the programme will only need to pay a flat fee of up to $30, and MWC Associate Members will receive an additional $5 discount on the dental costs.

MWC also announced a new partnership with the supermarket at MWC Recreation Centre.

The partnership allows associate members to enjoy exclusive members’ rates on all applicable supermarket items, helping them stretch their dollar.

Mr Heng said: “NTUC actively innovate and improves our membership benefits to deliver better value to members.

“MWC, as part of NTUC, does likewise for migrant workers who are associate members. The new dental benefit and expanded shopping discounts will help meet the felt needs of these workers and stretch their dollar."

Mr Heng added that the MWC stands ready to encourage and work with employers to strengthen the care and benefits for the migrant workers they hire.

Bangladeshi migrant worker Md Ridon, 20, who signed up for the associate membership at the event believes the group insurance plan benefit gives him and his family a peace of mind in case of emergencies.

He added: “If something happens to me at work, my company would take care of me. But if something happens to me outside of work, now I know I or my family are taken care of.”

May Day Migrant Workers Celebration

The Migrant Workers Celebration was organised across two locations this year to show appreciation to the migrant-worker community in Singapore.

MWC also organised concerts featuring song and dance performances for migrant workers at MWC Recreation Club and the Capital Development Pte Ltd Tuas Dormitory in the evening.

Across both locations, the concerts attracted a combined physical and online attendance of over 168,000 migrant workers.

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