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NTUC Launches Youth Taskforce to Engage Youths on Needs and Aspirations

The Youth Taskforce will reach-out to 10,000 youths through a year-long engagement exercise.
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By Kay del Rosario 23 Jul 2022
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By Kay del Rosario

NTUC launched the Youth Taskforce today, 23 July 2022, signalling its intent to focus on the younger generation and understand their issues deeper, especially in areas of career, finances and mental well-being.

Led by Young NTUC, the Labour Movement’s youth wing, the new taskforce will engage 10,000 youths aged 18 to 25 through a year-long series of activities and events.

The aim of the Youth Taskforce is to formulate insights and recommendations to address young people’s work-life needs and aspirations.

Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong officiated the launch held at LIT DISCOvery 2022, Young NTUC’s annual signature symposium for graduating students and young working adults.

In his opening address, Mr Wong said that he was encouraged by NTUC's efforts to grow the pipeline of future leaders and to bring to the forefront issues that matter to youth.

“These are issues I know we care about and we hope to engage you, listen to you, and co-create solutions.

“And through these efforts, NTUC and all our tripartite partners will be better able to serve the needs of our young workers in Singapore,” he said.

NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng also reaffirmed the Labour Movement’s commitment to support the workers of tomorrow.

“Youths will make up a large proportion of our workforce in future.

“As NTUC resolves to refresh and strengthen its compact with workers, we will look at the needs of our youths and help them in their careers amidst local and global challenges, so that they would have a better future,” he said.

Challenges of Youth in the Workforce

A series of surveys and focus group discussions conducted in 2022 by NTUC and Singapore University of Technology and Design found that more than one in five youths faced challenges in career opportunities and indicated the need for support in career guidance and planning. The insights were gathered from 2,039 youths aged 18 and 35.

NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Desmond Choo, who chairs the Youth Taskforce, said: “We have been engaging the youths over the years and when we gathered these insights, we found that there is so much more about youths that NTUC can help them with at work and in their lives.

“Through the NTUC Youth Taskforce initiative, it’s time for us to dive deeper and find out more on what exactly inspires them and what we can do to help them not only succeed but also to empower them amidst the myriad of opportunities and anxieties faced at work.”

Roving Youth Hub

One key component of the Youth Taskforce is the Youth Hub, a roving exhibition which was also launched at LIT DISCOvery 2022.

Through this hub, the taskforce seeks to engage youths through a series of activities where they can share their aspirations and concerns; take a career profiling test; and learn new tips on starting their new job or internship right for career success.

With plans to partner Institutes of Higher Learning (IHLs), the Youth Hub will rove around various schools as well as spaces intended for youths.

Apart from IHLs, the taskforce will also tie-up with government agencies, self-help groups, youth-targeted organisations, youth groups and more, as part of this ongoing effort to reach out to the youths.

It will also engage young Singaporeans who pursue non-traditional tracks like sports, arts and entrepreneurship. This includes youths who had struggled in their earlier years as well, such as those in need of second chances.

Youths can visit to find out how they can participate in this exercise.