NTUC launches a new membership to meet the work, live and play needs of the youth

It also enters a partnership with the Institute of Technical Education to help youth with their careers.

By Shukry Rashid 14 Jul 2023
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NTUC is ramping up support for the youth to meet their work, live and play needs.

This includes a new fully digital NTUC Starter Membership to cater to the diverse needs of the youth in the areas of work, lifestyle and career transition.

The membership, targeted at youth aged 18 to 25, aims to provide an integrated and holistic product to address youth’s career-related concerns and provide support as they enter the workforce.

The NTUC Starter Membership’s perks were curated after many rounds of consultations with youth.

The new membership is priced at $36 annually and aims bring onboard 2,500 members by the end of the year.

NTUC officially launched the membership on 14 July 2023 at Suntec Singapore Convention & Exhibition Centre during LIT DISCOvery 2023, Young NTUC’s signature annual symposium.

Guest-of-honour Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong said that Young NTUC has grown into Singapore’s largest youth movement since it was set up 18 years ago.

He added: “At the same time, NTUC itself continues to adapt, innovate and reinvent itself because it wants to maintain its relevance for a changing workforce, and to maintain its relevance for the broad base of our society.”

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Partnership with the Institute of Technical Education

NTUC also announced a new partnership with the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) to provide sector-specific career mentorships, pre-employment workshops and work opportunities.

The partnership between NTUC and ITE will benefit more than 1,500 youths annually through career and employment opportunities.

NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng said that, within the ITE space which the Labour Movement has experimented on some three years ago, NTUC understands the things that students desire, such as career mentorship at the workplace and employment workshops.

The NTUC Starter Membership and ITE partnership are follow-up measures to the conclusion of the Youth Taskforce’s (YTF) year-long engagements with more than 10,000 youth.

Through the insights gained by the taskforce, NTUC is set to launch key initiatives aimed at helping the youth as they transition from school to the workforce.

The taskforce also released “The New Gen Worker” Report 2023 following the engagements.

The report highlights young individuals’ challenges and concerns regarding career progression, financial adequacy, and mental well-being.

Social and workers’ compact

Mr Wong said that many first-world countries are becoming more divided and fractured, leading to protests.

While Singapore is in a better position than most countries, it is not immune to the same fissures happening in other countries.

He explained that the Government is undertaking the Forward Singapore exercise to refresh and strengthen the social and workers’ compact to prevent the country from experiencing the same problems.

“Essentially, our goal is to ensure that everyone in Singapore feels a stake in our society. Everyone feels that we are all in this together.

“At the same time, we also feel a deep sense of duty and obligation to one another. Because we are all in this together, we move forward as one country,” Mr Wong said.

He added that the Government is doing more to provide opportunities and assurance for every Singaporean at every stage of life.

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