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New supply chain chapter to benefit 1,000 supply chain and logistics professionals in training and career opportunities

The Supply Chain Professional Chapter agreement also aims to boost employability and business productivity.

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By Shukry Rashid 25 Mar 2024
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The Supply Chain Employees’ Union (SCEU), NTUC U PME and Supply Chain Asia (SCA) have signed an agreement on 25 March 2024 to launch the inaugural Supply Chain Professional Chapter (SC Pro Chapter).


The agreement signifies a strategic commitment to the industry’s professional development and adapting skillsets aligned with digital transformation.


Some 1,000 supply chain professionals stand to benefit from this collaboration.


About 40 guests attended the ceremony during the Supply Chain Asia Innovation Playground, which included supply chain industry and union leaders, pioneering members of the SC Pro Chapter, and representatives from local tertiary institutions.


SCEU Executive Secretary Mohd Fahmi Aliman, NTUC U PME Director Bernard Menon, and SCA Founder and President Paul Lim signed the agreement.


Enhance training and union benefits for PMEs


The SC Pro Chapter is open to all PMEs working in non-unionised supply chain and logistics companies and those seeking opportunities within them.


The chapter will offer workers training opportunities tailored to the demands of the sector, with a focus on technology adoption and industry trends. The tailored training will consist of existing training courses by SCA in partnership with Institutes of Higher Learnings (IHLs) and career preparatory courses by NTUC U PME.


Besides working with IHLs to introduce training programmes focusing on technological adeptness and industry relevance, the SC Pro Chapter will also work closely with industry leaders and partners to organise industry dialogues.


Chapter members will automatically become members of SCEU. SCEU members can enjoy the union's comprehensive range of benefits, including training and employment opportunities to support career advancement within the supply chain industry.


SC Pro Chapter members will gain specialised training, industry connections, and the backing of a strong union dedicated to their professional interests and welfare.


SCA has pledged to sponsor union membership fees for SC Pro Chapter members.


Boosting PME’s employability and business productivity


Mr Menon said that NTUC U PME is dedicated to improving PMEs in Singapore.


“Through our collaboration with the SC Pro Chapter, NTUC U PME offers tailored career guidance services, including personalised coaching, networking opportunities, and industry insights, giving a chance for PMEs in the supply chain and logistics industry to navigate their career paths confidently and successfully,” Mr Menon added.


SC Pro Chapter members will also engage in at least one specialised course annually, facilitated by SCA and its IHL partners.


Mr Lim highlighted the importance of continuous learning and upskilling in an era of rapid technological advancements, evolving consumer demands and unprecedented global challenges.


He said: “This is crucial not just for employees but also employers as they face increasing competition and complexity in the global business landscape.


“With SC Pro Chapter, PMEs get to continuously update their skills and knowledge for new roles in companies. Employers today need to relentlessly professionalise their talent pool in order to raise productivity, stay competitive and relevant to drive business growth.”


Calling it a “hot sector”, Mr Lim encouraged supply chain and logistics professionals to use the SC Pro Chapter amidst the evolving digital landscape and ensuing industry transformation.


The chapter is open to Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents aged 21 and above. To join the SC Pro Chapter as a member, individuals must engage in ongoing training and development programmes facilitated by SCA.