Tripartite partners encourage ‘Healthier SG’ participation, put out key recommendations ahead of official launch

NTUC, MOM, SNEF, together with MOH, are actively encouraging employers and employees to participate in the upcoming national Healthier SG strategy.
By Kay del Rosario 03 Jul 2023
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Healthier SG is a crucial national strategy aimed at tackling deteriorating health by prioritising preventive care and improved management of chronic conditions.


As Singapore prepares for the official launch of the Healthier SG programme in July 2023, the Ministry of Health (MOH) and tripartite partners NTUC, Ministry of Manpower (MOM), and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) are joining forces to ensure widespread participation among employers and employees.


A tripartite statement released on 28 June 2023 puts forward essential recommendations tailored for employees and employers, highlighting their respective roles in promoting a healthier work environment.


Recommendations for Employees:


1.     Enrol in Healthier SG: When invited, eligible Singaporeans are encouraged to participate in Healthier SG. Individuals can receive comprehensive care from a family doctor who understands their unique health needs, ensuring continuity of holistic care even during job transitions or retirement. Enrolment can be done by choosing a Healthier SG clinic and developing a personalised Health Plan in collaboration with the family doctor.


2.     Adopt healthy lifestyles: Employees who are not yet eligible for Healthier SG enrolment are advised to establish a regular primary care doctor, undergo nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations, and embrace healthy lifestyles. The Healthy 365 application provides a platform to engage in various healthy lifestyle activities.


Recommendations for Employers:


1.     Support Healthier SG: Employers are encouraged to actively support Healthier SG participation among their employees. This includes ensuring that their company panels comprise a significant number of Healthier SG clinics, enabling employees to benefit from both Healthier SG and employer medical benefits. Employers can achieve this by working directly with clinics or collaborating with Third Party Administrators (TPAs) managing company panels.


2.     Promote a healthier work environment: Employers should prioritise the implementation of health-promoting workplace practices. They can achieve this by regularly encouraging employees to adopt healthy lifestyles, reducing the usage of salt and sugar in staff canteens, granting time off for annual check-ins and preventive care appointments, and providing relevant health programmes. These programmes may include nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations, physical activity initiatives, and wellness programmes focusing on healthy eating and mental well-being.


By actively engaging in this national initiative, individuals can unlock a range of benefits to support their journey towards improved health and well-being. These include:


·       Fully subsidised Health Plan consultation with the chosen clinic.

·       $20 worth of Healthpoints upon completing the first Health Plan consultation.

·       Fully subsidised nationally recommended screenings and vaccinations at the enrolled clinic (for Singapore Citizens only).

·       Access to various healthy lifestyle programmes and activities.

·       Enhanced subsidies for whitelisted chronic drugs for CHAS cardholders starting in early 2024.

·       Use of MediSave for chronic disease treatment without the need for co-payment (subject to prevailing withdrawal limits) from early 2024.


To access detailed information, including benefits and enrolment procedures, individuals can visit the official Healthier SG website.