What business segment do you belong to?

Small & Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

Multinational Corporations & Large Local Corporations (MNCs & LLCs)

Clubs & Non-Profits

What industry are you in?

What are your main goals?

Develop a roadmap for my organisation and workforce to be future-ready

Create a structure for job redesign, hiring, and retaining workers

Equip workers with skills to meet current and future demands

What challenges are you facing?

Need for stronger overall business value proposition for the future

Need to upgrade technology and improve productivity

Need for workers to have more relevant skills

Need to hire and retain skilled talent

How are you addressing these challenges?

I have started exploring but am unsure of how to start

I am aware of how to start, but need guidance in continuing

I have tried implementing solutions but failed

I have successfully implemented solutions before

What is needed to achieve your goals?

Someone to help me work towards my business goals

Guidance to resources to achieve my business goals

Both are required to help me with my business goals

Have you consulted an Industry Training Officer (ITO) before?



I am not sure

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