NTUC launches $1.2 million grant to aid lower-income members’ children in tough times

The grant complements the NTUC-U Care Fund’s existing assistance programmes, which help members cope with the cost of living.
By Nicolette Yeo 25 May 2024
NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng with NTUC President K Thanaletchimi with stage games winners at NTUC May Day Family Fiesta.jpg

Parents of tertiary students having difficulty paying for their children’s school fees can now look to a new grant to alleviate their financial burden and have peace of mind.


NTUC introduced on 25 May 2024 the new $1.2 million NTUC Care Fund (Youth Enable) grant to help lower-income members’ children complete their studies in times of adversity.


The grant was announced at NTUC’s annual May Day Family Fiesta at Downtown East.


The grant helps eligible full-time tertiary students in institutes of higher learning obtain their first tertiary certification. The student must complete the course in the institute.


NTUC union members who lose their income due to hardship, such as a serious chronic medical condition or total, partial and permanent disability, can apply for the grant.


The grant also supports the children of NTUC union members who pass away. The member’s next of kin may approach the late member’s union or association to apply for the grant on their behalf.


The new grant provides an annual stipend to students until they complete their first certification, or up to four years, whichever comes first. NTUC union members can receive up to $16,000 in financial support.


The NTUC Foundation, which was set up in 2021 to support financial initiatives for members, funds the grant.


Meanwhile, the NTUC-U Care Fund, the Labour Movement’s charity arm, administers the grant.


“We hope that this little gesture will give our lower-income members greater peace of mind, knowing that NTUC cares and is there to support their children in any unfortunate circumstances.


“This is our effort to up our NTUC-U Care Fund [assistance programmes] to be relevant to our members,” said NTUC Secretary-General Ng Chee Meng at the sidelines of the event.


Single mother Nor Suraini, 49, believes the grant would be helpful to lower-income members.


“I think it is a good programme because my expenses are so high nowadays, and some lower-income families may not be able to afford to further their children’s studies,” said Mdm Suraini.


She is currently paying for her daughter’s school fees. Her daughter is enrolled in a beauty and wellness course at an ITE.


NTUC union members can apply for the grant from 27 May 2024.


Cost-of-living support


The grant complements the NTUC-U Care Fund’s existing assistance programmes that help members cope with the cost of living.


The NTUC Care Fund (Special Assistance), for example, was reintroduced in June last year to supplement members’ living expenses. Around $880,000 was disbursed to nearly 7,500 beneficiaries in the 2023 tranche, while some $790,000 went to nearly 7,200 beneficiaries in the 2024 tranche.


In addition, the NTUC Care Fund (e-Vouchers) for groceries and school supplies gave out nearly $1.7 million to some 10,000 members and over 8,000 children in 2023.


May Day Family Fiesta


The fiesta, another NTUC-U Care Fund initiative, is an annual event to promote family bonding among NTUC union members and their families.


Over 25,000 participants enjoyed a complimentary fun-filled day with their loved ones at Downtown East.


Highlights included exciting carnival games, entertaining stage performances and interactive activities. These included Giant Jenga, family dice roll, finger painting, and a musical performance by National Instructors and Coaches Association members.


Some 20 people who participated in an outdoor Escape Room activity received attractive prizes, which included $1,000 worth of Downtown East vouchers.


Mr Ng, NTUC President K Thanaletchimi and NTUC Central Committee members joined in the fun, giving out prizes to lucky winners.


Visit www.ntuc.org.sg/youthenablegrant for more information on the grant. 


NTUC members can submit their applications via ucare.ntuc.org.sg/assistance.