NTUC U FSE Relief Scheme 2022

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NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief) for NPHVA Members

The National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA), in collaboration with the National Taxi Association (NTA) and National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA), is committed to supporting our members who face the everyday risks of the road. Understanding the challenges faced by delivery riders, private hirer drivers, and taxi drivers, especially when injured during work, we have established the NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief).

This initiative is designed to provide quick, short-term relief to our injured members in their initial recovery period, bridging the gap until formal assistance is available. In recognition of the financial difficulties that can arise, especially for those who are the sole breadwinners, this scheme aims to alleviate the immediate financial pressure.

Benefits Offered:

  • $250 NTUC FairPrice grocery vouchers for approved applicants, typically provided within one week.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Membership with NPHVA for at least 3 months, with no dues in arrears.
  • Proof of work as a freelance point-to-point driver.
  • Evidence of injury sustained while engaged in freelance point-to-point transport.
  • A minimum of 5 continuous days of medical/hospitalisation leave from a single consultation, certified by a Government-registered medical officer or any Singapore-registered private medical practitioner.
  • Application submission within 2 weeks from the medical leave/hospitalisation leave (ML/HL) issue date, or within 2 weeks after discharge from hospital.
  • The issue date of ML/HL should not be more than 2 weeks from the date of the work injury.
  • Limit of two instances of grant acceptance in the same calendar year (January to December).
  • Application Process:

  • Ensure you meet all eligibility criteria for the NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief).
  • Review the NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief) FAQs.
  • Download the NTUC Care Fund (Work Injury Relief) Application Form.
  • Complete the application form and attach all necessary supporting documents.
  • Submit your application via email to nphva@ntuc.org.sg
  • Click here for:

    Application Form


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