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Earn More as an NPHVA Member

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Active NPHVA members can get up to $1,450 extra ($1,400 in new driver incentives + $50 NPHVA sign up bonus) when they sign up to drive with Gojek. Now extended until 30 Jun '24 due to popular demand! 


What you need to do

  • Sign up in-person at GoHub or by downloading the GoPartner app from 1 May - 30 Jun '24
  • Fill in the form with your details as registered with Gojek and NPHVA
  • Complete just 30 trips with no acceptance or completion requirements within your first week to get $50 extra*
  • Hit either Target 1, 2 or 3 weekly to get up to $1,400 in a month


*Driver-partner’s first week is based on the date they are successfully onboarded. Refer to the incentive timeline on Gojek's new driver incentive blog for the exact dates.



  • Driver-partners must submit the form to be considered for the NPHVA exclusive member bonus.
  • Sign up bonus is subject to verification of active NPHVA membership by NPHVA.
  • No minimum acceptance rate and completion rate is required for the NPHVA bonus.
  • Driver-partners can still qualify for daily and monthly incentives on top of this scheme.
  • Successful driver-partners will receive the payout by 19 Jun 2024 (1-28 May onboards) and 19 Jul 2024 (29 May-30 Jun onboards) directly to their Earnings Wallet.


More details on signing up here:

Car Wash Discounts                     

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EV Charging Discounts

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Work Injury Relief 

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Car Servicing Deals

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Telco Deals


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Food Deals

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