The Singapore Interpreters’ & Translators’ Union (SITU) was first registered as the Singapore Chinese Interpreters’ Union (SCIU) on 05 May 1947. Its members were mainly Translators and Interpreters in the then Chinese Secretariat and the Chinese Interpreters employed in the Courts.


In order to make provisions for Malay and Indian Interpreters to join the Union, the rules were amended at a Special General Meeting held on 24 March 1948. To reflect the multi-racial composition of the Union, the name was changed to Singapore Interpreters’ Union in May 1964 and later to Singapore Interpreters’ & Translators’ Union on 28 July 1971. The union was affiliated to NTUC in April 1974.


SITU is a public sector union and its main function is to look after the interest and welfare of its members. SITU’s members are either translators or interpreters working in government agencies such as the Ministry of Communications and Information and the Ministry of Home Affairs, as well as the Judiciary (Supreme Court, State Courts and Family Justice Courts). Even though translators and interpreters working in the private sector cannot join SITU, they are welcome to participate in professional development activities organised by the union.

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