Find out more about NTUC Membership

  1. Sign up gift terms and conditions: Valid only for new approved applicants who sign up online. New member will be entitled to receive the Sign-up Gift upon payment of 6 months of membership fees (non-refundable fees) and activation of Credit/Debit Card Recurring (CCR) arrangement for future membership fee deduction. In addition, member must not terminate his/her NTUC Membership within the 6 months of paid membership fees.

    Member will receive an eCoupon for the Sign-up Gift, which can be redeemed through MyNTUC app. Member will receive a notification via MyNTUC app when the eCoupon is ready for redemption, upon approval of Credit/Debit Card Recurring Payment (CCR) arrangement and NTUC Membership application. Member will not be eligible for the Sign-up Gift if he/she has redeemed any Sign-up Gift from NTUC Membership within 2 years prior to the Sign-up Gift Collection Date.

    This promotion is not in conjunction with other promotions unless otherwise stated. This promotion is not in conjunction with other ongoing promotions. This promotion is only applicable to Unions and union members participating in the General Branch (GB) programme. While stocks last. NTUC reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion to replace the Sign-up Gift at any time with an item of equivalent value (such value to be determined by NTUC in its sole and absolute discretion) without having to give any prior notice or reason for such replacement. In the event of a dispute, NTUC's decision is final.

    NTUC Membership is open to anyone above 16 years of age, except personnel from Singapore Police Force, Singapore Prisons, Auxiliary Police bodies, foreign domestic workers and full-time students. Please note that the NTUC Membership fee is $117 per annum ($9 per month from Jan-Nov & $18 in Dec).
  2. $240 is calculated based on 4% cash rebate on $6,000 spend per year. In 2009 NTUC FairPrice members received Total Dividends of 5% for each qualifying share, and cash rebate from NTUC FairPrice amounting to 4% of all purchases up to $6,000 made throughout the financial year at NTUC FairPrice outlets (including FairPrice supermarkets, FairPrice Online, FairPrice Xtra, FairPrice Finest and FairPrice Express but excluding Cheers stores). To be eligible for NTUC FairPrice Rebates and Dividends, you must sign up as an NTUC FairPrice member through the subscription of 20 shares at $1 each and a one-time entrance fee at $3. Alternatively, you can sign up under its "Join Now Pay Later" scheme for which the subscription of $23/- (20 shares at $1 each, plus $3 entrance fee) will be deducted from Rebates earned (if any). NTUC FairPrice shares will be refundable upon cessation of NTUC Membership at $1 each. 4% NTUC FairPrice cash rebate is subjected to approval at the annual general meeting of NTUC FairPrice Co-operative Limited.