U Care System Overview

Welcome to the Online Demo of the U Care System (UCS).

This demo aims to familiarise you with the process of applying for a programme electronically.

To begin demo, click on any of the sections under the Table of Contents.

For enquiry, please contact NTUC Hotline at 6213 8008 on Mondays to Fridays from 9am to 6pm, and on Saturdays from 9am - 1pm excluding public holidays or email to membership@ntuc.org.sg.

Thank you.


Table of Contents


Please note that you must be a registered U Portal user in order to access UCS.

Login to U Care System
Learn how to login to U Care System.

My Application

Apply for a programme
Learn how to apply for a U Care programme.

Edit draft application
Learn how to retrieve a previously saved application (i.e. Draft) and make changes to it.

View application status
Learn how to search for an application and view its status.

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