U Care System Fact Sheet


About U Care System

The U Care System (UCS) is an online system that aims to improve the efficiency and processes in the administration of U Care Voucher Programmes. The UCS allows a member to submit an online application for the voucher programme.  It also stores the members’ applications and supporting documents in the system, thereby providing ease of retrieval and evaluation.  



Overview of Online Application Process



Online Step-by-Step Guide

The step-by-step online demo will guide users through the application process.  Please access the online demo via this link: http://www.ntuc.org.sg/ucare/onlineappdemo.htm



Pertinent Information on UCS Usage


U Care System login

1.       Union members must be a registered U Portal member in order to access the UCS.  To sign up as a U Portal member, go to www.ntuc.org.sg homepage, mouse over “My U Portal” located at the top right hand corner and select “Not a U Portal Member yet? Sign up here” shown in the diagram below to proceed with registration.













2.       Upon successful sign-up as a U Portal member, log in to UCS via eServices located at the bottom of the page and click on “Care & Share” as shown below.





3.       Log in to the UCS with NRIC/FIN and password.


4.       To use the UCS, the following web browsers are recommended:

(a)     Internet Explorer version 9, 10 and 11

(b)     Firefox version 34

(c)     Safari version 7.0

(d)     Chrome version 3X



Applying for U Care Programme


1.       Union members should read the eligibility criteria and supporting document requirements to ensure that requirements are met before proceeding to apply. 


2.       Fill in required information in the online application form.


3.       If there are changes to member’s particulars or employment details, click on “Update Particulars” or “Update Employment” respectively. The system will open a new browser window where the member could make the necessary changes.  Close the browser window after making the changes and click “Page Refresh” link on top of the page.  Please note that:

(a)     Updates to members’ particulars will be reflected in UCS upon clicking “Page Refresh

(b)     Updates to employment details will be reflected in UCS after 3 working days.



Uploading of supporting documents

1.       The following supporting documents are required to be uploaded to UCS:

(a)     Current year income supporting document (e.g. payslip)


Additional documents to upload if the member is applying for Back to School Voucher Programme:

(b)     Relationship supporting document (e.g. Birth Certificate) *

(c)     Other supporting documents (Student Ezlink card, student card)


* If the member had previously uploaded the children’s Birth Certificates for Back to School Voucher Programme in 2012 or later, he/she need not upload them again.


2.       The maximum file size for the supporting documents is 1 megabyte (MB) each. Up to 3 files for each field requiring a supporting document could be uploaded. The file format should be one of of the following: *.pdf, *.jpg, *.jpeg, *.png, *.gif


3.       Please name the scanned documents in the following way:

[NRIC/FIN]-[Document Type].pdf

E.g. S1234567D-Income Supporting Document.pdf


4.       Ensure that all content in the uploaded document is sharp and clearly visible. The scanner should be set to scan at a resolution of at least 150 dpi (dots per inch) in either colour or grey mode.



Submitting an application

1.       Ensure that all the mandatory fields have been filled. Then check the “Declaration” check box to declare that all the information submitted is true before clicking on “Next”. A preview page will be shown and click “Submit application” after verifying that all information is correct.


2.       Please note that the application cannot be submitted if:

(a)     Any mandatory field is not filled, or

(b)     If the “Declaration” check box is not checked, or

(c)     The length of membership does not meet the selected programme’s minimum membership tenure criterion, or

(d)     There is overdue membership fee *


*To make payment for membership fee arrears, click on “Make Payment” hyperlink displayed on the alert message. The system will open a new browser window where payment of membership fees could be made.


3.       If the supporting documents are not available at the time of application, the member may check the “Submit Later” option next to the supporting document field.  The member could either:

(a)     Click the “Save as draft” button to save the application as a draft and return to the system to complete his application at a later time before the application closing date.The "Save as draft" option also allows the member to edit the information in the application form. The application could be saved as a draft only if the following conditions are met:

(i)       At least one programme has been selected

(ii)     If a dependent has been added, the dependent’s NRIC/FIN has been keyed in.


      NOTE: The application details will be kept in the system until the application closing date. If the draft application was not successfully submitted by the application closing date, all information will be deleted.


(b)     Submit the application without uploading all the required supporting documents. The application status will become “Pending Document Submission” after clicking on the “Submit Application” button from the Preview Application page.  The application form could not be edited once it has been submitted.  The member will only be able to upload or delete supporting documents. 


NOTE: All required supporting documents should be submitted before the application closing date. The application will only be processed if all required supporting documents had been uploaded and the application was submitted.


There are two ways to submit the supporting documents:

(i)       Upload the scanned documents onto UCS

(ii)     Send hardcopy supporting documents to:

·         Union Office for Ordinary Branch members, or

·         NTUC Members’ Hub, NTUC Centre, No. 1 Marina Boulevard #B1-01, Singapore 018989, for General Branch members



After application submission

The member may check the status of the application via the UCS’s “My Application” function.