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U Startup was set up in 2016 to support the thriving startup community in Singapore. It aims to connect startups to the wider NTUC network comprising of unionised companies, U SME partners, U Associate professional guilds for professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) as well as freelancers and the self-employed.

Some of the initiatives include creating platforms for startups and potential service buyers (B2B), promoting startups to NTUC Members (B2C) and bridging the link between startups and PMEs who are keen on carving a career in such organisations.

To learn more about how you can leverage U Startup to help organised branches look for innovative solutions to improve business productivity, or help job seekers and opportunities in local startups, you can reach out to the U Startup Team at ustartup@ntuc.org.sg.

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Breaking free from the “growth first, revenue later” startup culture

Co-founder and CEO of Intraix, a fast-moving tech startup focused on making homes smarter, Darrell Zhang, talks about scalibility in the business model, the importance of time management, and working out the priorities in life.

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There Are More Jobs In The F&B Industry Than You Think

If you think about jobs in F&B, what comes to mind? I think most people will think of two main groups – the kitchen staff and the service crew. If we think that that’s all the types of jobs that there are in F&B, then we would be wrong.

At the U Startup Series session for the F&B sector that I sat in for, I learnt that the F&B sector is undergoing some quite interesting changes. As a result of these changes, F&B establishments can’t go about business as usual. And as the way F&B establishments change, new types of jobs will be created. These jobs are to address the shortage of Singaporeans willing to work in the traditional F&B careers, improve labour productivity, and help F&B establishments continue to innovate.

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Medical Tech Startups Got A Boost From NTUC’s Powerful Network

A few months ago, I read that NTUC was rubbing shoulders with startups. Although surprised at first, I think it’s an amazing idea. A key resource for startups (or any business really) is the network that it has access to. That is something that NTUC can definitely help with.

Why? Because NTUC is easily one of the largest networks in Singapore. Startups can tap on domain expertise, seek out relevant stakeholders for feedback, test prototypes or even do B2B or B2C business. These are all possible because not only is the Labour Movement network large, it comprises people from diverse backgrounds.

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What's A Labour Movement Doing Rubbing Shoulders With Startups? 

On 30 June, I had the chance to attend a closed-door dialogue held at ACE Ideation Centre, located in the heart of one-north, Singapore’s R&D and high-technology cluster.

My fellow attendees were founders of ACE startups, ACE and NTUC employees, and Secretary-General of NTUC Mr Chan Chun Sing. While it was understandable for ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship) to meet up with their startups, I could not figure out why NTUC was involved.

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Upcoming Events



Are You Ready To Venture Into The US Market?
Presented by U Startup X The Indus Entrepreneurs (TiE) Singapore

Date: 23 Feb (Thurs), 6.30pm – 8.30pm
Venue: NTUC Centre One Marina Boulevard Level 7 Room 701
Cost: Free


The US is the world’s largest consumer economy, with its households consuming nearly 4 times more than any other country in the world. It is like expanding into 50 markets rather than one. If your product or service is a success at home, expanding a business to the US market offers great potential. To gain knowledge of the market, you need a shrewd understanding of new customers - their characteristics, impulses and patterns. You need to build a structured business plan and market entry strategy.

Join us at our keynote speech and panel discussion on:

  1. How is the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Singapore different from the US?
  2. Is your company ready to expand to the US?
  3. Understand the investor and tech industry of the Silicon Valley

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So You Think You Want To Be A Product Manager?
Presented by U Startup X General Assembly (GA) Singapore

Date: 20 Feb (Mon), 7pm – 9pm
Venue: NTUC Centre One Marina Boulevard Level 7 Room 701
Cost: Free


Considering a career as a Product Manager? Curious about what a day-to-day job in product management looks like? Join General Assembly and TradeGecko to learn about what a day in the life entails for a product manager.

Hear from a panel of product managers as they tell all about about their professional experience in product management to see what it's like to work as a product manager. We will explore different options for branching into Product Management and discuss how Product Managers are found and hired. We will also talk about the expectations you can have throughout your career and key areas of growth within the industry.
Join us and get acquainted with the field of Product Management in Singapore

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