Partnership benefits

CIEU aims to work closely with our partners to better uplift the chemical sector that will benefit both the partner companies and employees through the following initiatives:

Information Sharing and Discussions

CIEU promotes an open business environment that can help our partner companies operate effectively and efficiently. Through this, the employees the companies can then benefit from good and secure jobs with good salaries and good career prospects.

Hence CIEU often engages different parties to gather views on how to progress the companies and the industry in the different platforms such as:

  • Dialogue sessions between CIEU and management partners
  • Sharing and feedback session on policy changes affecting the companies and the employees
  • Tripartite sessions with various government agencies to feedback on issues affecting the industry

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Enhancing of Human Resource Capabilities

CIEU works closely with our partners to enhance their existing human resource capabilities in the areas of:

  • Employee Relations
    • With our team of experienced Industrial Relations Officers, we work together with our partners to resolve issues faced by employees amicably
  • Recruitment
    • Providing additional support to the staff recruitment outreach of our partners through platforms provided by CIEU and the Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). To find out more, please click here.
  • Training and Development
    • An array of subsidized training and upgrading programs provided by approved training providers for the employees
    • Partners can seek further support for their training and development plans through e2i. To find out more, please contact CIEU at

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Extension of CIEU & NTUC membership benefits to your employees.

Employees of CIEU partners get to enjoy the full range of Work, Live, Grow and Play benefits offered by CIEU and NTUC for them and their families. To find out more, please click here.

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