NTUC and PAP Seniors Group push for age-inclusive initiatives and champion employment rights and opportunities for senior workers

A collaborative survey found that most Singaporeans 50 and above are in favour of raising retirement and re-employment ages, sparking commitments from corporations to age-friendly workplace practices.
By Kay del Rosario 24 Sep 2023

NTUC and the People’s Action Party’s Seniors Group (PAPSG) are orchestrating advancements for senior citizens through a survey to understand seniors’ aspirations at the workplace.


They unveiled the survey on workplace support on 23 September 2023 at an International Day of Older Persons (IDOP) event at Amara Hotel.


Commissioned by PAPSG and NTUC U Women and Family (NTUC U WAF), the survey highlighted the overwhelming preference among seniors for raising the retirement and re-employment age.


Survey says…


Nearly 88 per cent of respondents aged 50 and above support a retirement age of 63 and above and around 80 per cent are for a re-employment age of 68 and higher.


Conducted from 7 to 21 August 2023, the survey collated responses from 1,471 individuals, all aged 50 and above.


Despite the favourable attitude towards extended employment, the survey findings highlighted concerns related to negative employer attitudes.


These include negative employer attitudes and age discrimination (63.4 per cent), inflexible working arrangements or long working hours (59.6 per cent), and limited availability of suitable job opportunities (52.6 per cent).


The results also showed that 61.5 per cent of senior workers are keen on pursuing further career advancement opportunities and that the availability of flexible work arrangements would influence 65.9 per cent of participants in their decision to continue working post-retirement.


“We hope that the Government will promote more flexible work arrangement opportunities for seniors, given that many of them do want such opportunities.


“Many older workers would like to work part-time and even alternate between periods of work and leisure,” said PAPSG IDOP 2023 Organising Chair Yip Hon Weng.




Corporate pledges for an age-friendly workplace


In response to the survey findings, 12 companies reaffirmed their commitment to fostering age-friendly workplace environments. They include Chye Thiam Maintenance, Creative Eateries, First Sight International Private Limited, and Lifelong Learning Academy.

Their efforts will impact close to 4,000 employees positively.


The companies have pledged to raise their retirement and re-employment ages, implement flexible work strategies, and fortify measures against ageism in workplaces.


NTUC U WAF Director Yeo Wan Ling said: “To see our Labour Movement partners leading the way to decisively implement age-friendly measures is very encouraging and is a big step towards evolving workplace culture.


“I hope this is an impetus for all of us to change our perception of older workers.”


The findings, recommendations and perspectives from seniors will form the basis for ‘Regard, Respect, Recognition’ – a roadmap of initiatives for 2024 relating to senior employability, retirement adequacy, senior housing, and healthcare and social support for an age-friendly Singapore.