With Singapore transiting towards a more knowledge-based economy, the Labour Movement saw the need to assist the growing workforce of Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) in four key areas – Protection, Progression, Placement and Privileges (4Ps).

Initiated in 2011 by the Labour Movement, U Associate is a partnership programme designed to engage and support professional associations and PMEs. With U Associate, we can come together to achieve greater Growth, forge stronger Relationships and open up new Opportunities.

NTUC and its U Associates work with a sectoral focus in developing skills progression plans to prepare our PMEs to be future-ready.

In these changing times, a commonplace concern is, “How can we ensure continuity and growth of our association?”

With U Associate, we collaborate with professional associations to drive and achieve their vision through initiatives that are tailor-made to meet their needs.

Relationships play a huge part in growing associations today. It is the bridge that allows associations to thrive in their ecosystems by leveraging on each others’ strengths and contacts.

U Associate bridges connections between industry leaders and fosters mutual understanding to achieve common goals.

Tap into our diverse U Access Ecosystem and create greater opportunities when our resources combine. Together, we can align our goals with a shared purpose and be prepared for challenges of tomorrow.

Young Engineers Leadership Programme Launch on 18 August 2014

The Institution of Engineers Singapore (IES) is committed to the grooming of future engineering leaders.

In collaboration with the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC), IES launched the Young Engineers Leadership (YEL) Programme, which is supported by NTUC’s Employment and Employability Institute (e2i). This programme aims to equip young engineers with the necessary leadership skills and technical knowledge to take their careers to the next level.

In addition, we work towards securing better job placement prospects for members through initiatives like the Upskilling Senior Engineers Programme. Other than providing pathways for career progression and placement, IES can tap into our resources, which brings more value and cost efficiency to them.

Access to
conference facilities
Dedicated account manager
for the associations
Form strategic alliances with
other U Associate Partners
“The promise of enhanced membership benefits and career development programmes attracts new members into our Institution.”
Adjunct Associate Professor Neo Kok Beng
Vice President of The Institution of Engineers Singapore (2011/12 - 2014/15)
Co-Founder of AWAK Technologies Pte Ltd

Dual-Membership Programme
An opportunity for members to benefit from both your association and NTUC.

Union Training and Assistance Programme (UTAP)*
Members enjoy 50% unfunded course fee support, capped at S$250 every year when they sign up for courses supported under UTAP.
Terms and conditions apply.

Tap into NTUC’s Resources and Network
As a U Associate Partner, you can take advantage of our diverse network of conference facilities across Singapore.
In addition, a dedicated account manager will work hand in hand with you on joint programmes and other strategic initiatives.

*Subject to approval. Terms and conditions apply.

Singapore HR Congress & Business-Connect Exposition on 9 September 2014

The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) represents the strong interest of HR professionals in Singapore to create better workplace for employees, which is aligned with NTUC’s objective of enhancing the social status and well-being of workers.

Both SHRI and NTUC also recognise the importance of strong tripartite relations. Together, we work towards better labour-management practices and a better understanding of workplace needs. The Labour Movement’s participation in SHRI events and programmes – HR Day @ SHRI, Singapore HR Congress, HR Dialogue and the National Workplace Happiness Survey demonstrates how strong relationships within U Associate can help associations achieve their goals.

Through U Associate, SHRI members are able to keep abreast on the latest efforts by the Labour Movement and benefit from a greater understanding of workplace matters.

Recognition of SHRI as the
leading HR association
in Singapore
Better understanding
of the latest
HR developments
Access to over
6,000 union leaders
“The tripartite relationship helps the HR community build greater understanding of the workforce and offers a platform for us to engage and connect.”
Mr. Erman Tan
President of Singapore Human Resources Institute
CEO of Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing Pte Ltd

Access to NTUC-Related Organisations
With strong connections to NTUC-related organisations such as NTUC’s e2i and the Ong Teng Cheong Labour Leadership Institute (OTCi), U Associate helps associations on their learning and development initiatives.

Engagement and Networking Sessions
Strengthen and deepen relationships between members and associations through engagement and networking sessions.

Industry Advisory and Advocacy
Access to key Labour Movement leadership platforms such as May Day Rally and National Day Observance Ceremony alongside our tripartite partners.

Mr. Adam Khoo as a Keynote Speaker at the Future Leaders Summit on 6 June 2014

U Associate is a platform for Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group (AKLTG) to reach out to a greater number of PMEs within the U Access Ecosystem.

Co-organised by AKLTG and NTUC, the Future Leaders Community (FLC), which is part of the 3-stage Future Leaders Programme (FLP), is designed to meet members and participants’ personal, professional, financial and entrepreneurial needs. This is an example of how we can cross-leverage our strengths to open up more opportunities for the association.

Connect with Labour
Movement Communities
Reach out to over 800,000
NTUC members
Programmes for specific
segments of PMEs
“This is a perfect opportunity for us to leverage on our strengths, and reach out to a greater number of PMEs with a shared vision.”
Mr. Patrick Cheo
CEO & Co-Founder of
Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group Pte Ltd

With U Associate, you can be part of a larger network. Together, we can unlock new opportunities with the U Access Ecosystem.

Alliance of U Associate Partners
that spans different industries and brings together a diverse set of strengths.

Over 900,000 NTUC members,
of whom 300,000 are PMEs.

Labour Movement Communities
for all collars, ages and nationalities such as nEbO, Young NTUC,
U Live, U Family, U Sports and more.

NTUC Social Enterprises
serving more than 2 million customers such as NTUC FairPrice, NTUC Income, NTUC Club, NTUC Health and more.

61 NTUC-Affiliated Unions and
26 U Associate Partners

  • U Associate Convention 2015 (28 & 29 JAN 2015)
  • Inspiring IDEAS Series (19 Oct 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by the Institute of Advertising Singapore & NTUC U Associate</p>
  • Inaugural Young Engineers Leadership Programme Graduation Ceremony (19 Oct 2015)
<br/><p>Jointly organised by the Institution of Engineers Singapore & NTUC U Associate</p>
  • 13th Annual SISO WSHO Conference (5 NOV 2015)
  • PSLE Seminar (14 – 16 Jun 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group & NTUC U Associate</p>
  • Read My Mind™ (9 December 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by Charisma Academy & NTUC U Associate as part of the Future Leaders Programme</p>
  • WISER Summit (23 OCT 2015)
  • Opportunities in the Financial Technology World (27 October 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by SMU Financial IT Academy & NTUC U Associate as part of the Future Leaders Programme</p>
  • Unlocking the 21st Century Code with Dr. Barbara Oakley (1 Nov 2015)
<br/><p>Jointly organised by Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group & NTUC U Associate</p>
  • Lead the Sales Force of the 21st Century (30 October 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by Charisma Academy & NTUC U Associate as part of the Future Leaders Programme</p>
  • SHRI Outlook 2015 (28 Jan 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by Singapore Human Resources Institute & NTUC U Associate</p>
  • Workplace Expert Series: Banking Trends in Singapore (13 November 2015)<br/><p>Jointly organised by NTUC U Associate & UPME</p>
  • CPA Congress (13 OCT 2015)
  • PropertyGuru Agent Summit 1H2016 (13 Jan 2016)<br/><p>Organised by PropertyGuru</p>

In the U Associate Programme, we believe in forging strong partnerships within our eco-system. Through events that target top leaders and memebers of the U Associate Partners and other industry players, we know that this leads to a synergy that will result in more ideas and in turn benefit the PMEs we serve.

In the U Associate partnership, we form strategic alliances and leverage on our strengths to open up greater opportunities for both our associations and PMEs.

Preparing PMEs to be future-ready and future-proof, U Associate is underlined by the essence of the four key areas – Protection, Progression, Placement and Privileges (4Ps). Together, we accelerate growth and nurture mutual success.