Our working culture

 Join us on our mission, as we build the future of work through our workers and workplaces. Help us support our workers in creating fair workplaces, enhancing their employment and employability through skills upgrading, and improve their quality of life with here in Singapore. 


Learn more about what values are, and how they've shaped the Labour Movement that we are today. 

Our beliefs

At NTUC, we believe that the best protection for workers is for them to be able to take on good jobs. This sees us collaborating with the government, employers, and unions to ensure that we create a stable and positive environment for investors to bring in good jobs, and allows us to take better care of the interests of our working people.


Learn more about how this unique partnership is bringing worker relationships to the next level here in Singapore.


At NTUC, we build lifelong relationships with those we work with. As we create better workplaces for our workers, we also do so for ourselves. We are not just colleagues, but are sisters and brothers too here.