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The U65+ Programme recognises loyal members who are aged 65 and above and have been part of the Labour Movement (LM) for at least 10 years.


Eligible members of selected unions can enjoy up to $54 worth of membership fee rebates every year.


There are different means of rebate disbursement (GIRO/Linkpoints/Cash/Cheque).


For more information, please contact your respective unions.

A member needs to fulfil 3 requirements to be eligible:
 • Be a member of a union onboard the programme
 • Be at least 65 years old
 • Have membership tenure of 10 or more years

If eligible, you should receive the notification letter during 1st quarter of each year.

The rebate amount you will receive is based on length of tenure:

Length of membership Rebate value given yearly 
 Members with 10-19 years tenure  $18.00
equivalent to 2 months membership fee
 Members with 20-29 years tenure  $36.00
equivalent to 4 months membership fee
 Members with 30 years tenure  $54.00
equivalent to 6 months membership fee

Members may receive a different amount due to pro-ration.

This is based on current format of $1 = 100LPs.

Linkpoints are earned for the preceding year and disbursed annually in February.

FairPrice Group


You can check your dividend and rebates at the FairPrice Group Member’s portal.

Please get ready your 16-digit NTUC card number as displayed on the back of your card.

You may also update your bank account or personal particulars conveniently via the portal.