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Common workplace issues include salary related claims or other payment, wrongful dismissals, and workplace grievances.

  • For NTUC Union Members (members holding the silver NTUC card):

    You can submit your workplace advisory issue here to receive advice from our experienced industrial relations practitioners as well as to trigger the Tripartite Mediation Framework.

  • For non-NTUC Union Members, you can visit TADM to register your claim and receive professional help from them directly.

TADM provides employees and employers with services to resolve salary-related claims and employment disputes.


Find out more about how TADM can help you here.

TADM@NTUC: For NTUC Union Members

To be eligible for the workplace advisory claim under NTUC, you must hold NTUC Union Membership with no outstanding payment of membership fees at the point of claim submission, subjected to case by case review.

No, there are no fees involved for NTUC Union Members. However, do note that a separate lodgment fee is required if the case is escalated to the Employment Claims Tribunal (ECT).

If you are a freelancer or self-employed, TADM will be assisting you to resolve your disputes.


For members whose company is unionised, your trade union will represent you to resolve your disputes with your employers.


For members whose company is not-unionised, NTUC will trigger the Tripartite Mediation Framework, a dispute resolution process to help you resolve your disputes with your employer.


Tripartite mediation covers the following types of employment disputes:

a. Salary arrears
b. Employment statutory benefits
c. Payment of retrenchment benefits
d. Breach of individual employment contract by employer
e. Re-employment issues
f. Wrongful Dismissal Claims (with effect from 1 April 2019)

*Find out more about the Tripartite Mediation Framework here

For employment disputes concerning statutory and contractual claims, they must be lodged within:

  • 1 year after the dispute arose if you are still in employment
  • 6 months from your last day of employment if your employment has ceased


For employment disputes concerning wrongful dismissal, they must be lodged within:

  • 1 month from the last day of your employment
  • 2 months of the birth of your child if you were wrongfully dismissed during pregnancy


Members are encouraged to come forward quickly to seek advice and assistance for their cases. The parties’ recollection of the facts may diminish over time, and this lessens the likelihood of successful resolution by Tripartite Mediation.


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TADM: For Non-NTUC Union Members

If you do not hold the silver NTUC Card, please visit the TADM website to make an appointment for your workplace dispute. There will be approximately a one-week wait. TADM will provide professional help for your disputes directly.