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  • $14 General Practitioner (GP) Outpatient Consultation
  • Members' rates for Vaccination
    • Influenza (Flu) Vaccination - $32.37
    • Meningococcal Vaccination - $97.12
    • HPV 9-Valent package (includes first doctor consultation) - $753.41
    • All other Vaccinations

  • Members' rates for Health Screening
    • Essential Packages
      • Raffles Classic - $122.40
      • Raffles Lifestyle - $224.10

    • Enhanced Packages
      • Raffles Deluxe - $483.30
      • Raffles Deluxe Plus (For Men / Ladies) - $634.50

  • Members' rates for services at Raffles Specialist Outpatient
    (Prices exclude Investigations, Minor Surgery & practice cost)
    • First Consultation/ session - $164.81 
    • Subsequent Consultation/ session - $109.87

  • Members' rates for services at Raffles Chinese Medicine
    (Price excludes medication cost, treatment and practice cost)
    • First Consultation (Consultant) – $58.86
    • First Consultation (Physician) - $49.05
    • Extended Consultation (Consultant) – $34.34
    • Extended Consultation (Physician) - $24.53

  • Members' rates for services at Raffles Dental
    (Price excludes consumable, treatment, procedure)
    • Scaling and Polishing Package - $150.00
    • Includes:
      • Oral Examination and Diagnosis (with General Dentist)
      • Scaling and Polishing
      • Topical Fluoride


Terms and conditions:

  • Prices quoted are subject to change per the prevailing GST.
  • Payments must be made with NTUC Link Credit/Debit Card by Trust.
  • Services are available at all Raffles Medical Clinics, Raffles Health Screeners, Raffles Chinese Medicine and Raffles Dental in Singapore
  • Prices are applicable to members and immediate family members. Membership card must be presented at point of payment.
  • Prior appointment is required for Health Screening and Vaccination.
  • Prices must not be used in conjunction with any other corporate programmes.
  • Prices quoted exclude practice cost, investigations and minor surgery.
    • For Raffles Dental, price quoted does not include practice cost, costs of prescribed medications, injections, x-rays and other investigations.
    • For Raffles Chinese Medicine, price quoted does not include practice cost, medication and treatment. 
  • No refund will be given for the unutilised items in the packages.
  • Packages prices and terms are subject to change without prior notice.
  • Raffles Medical Group Ltd reserves the right to amend the above without prior notice.

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