Journey West - The Crimson Boy

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Tripitaka's team encounters the powerful Crimson Boy, son of the Bull Demon King and Princess Iron Fan. Despite being 300 years old, he wields True Samadhi Fire and possesses great strength. Capturing Tripitaka, he plans to offer the monk's meat to his parents to prevent their divorce, believing he's the cause of their strife. Sun Wukong is defeated but seeks help from the Goddess of Mercy, who forgives Crimson Boy and takes him as her disciple. The demon releases Tripitaka, and the group continues their westward journey for the holy scriptures.


Show date and time:

  • 17 Nov – 7.30pm
  • 18 Nov – 3pm & 7.30pm
  • 19 Nov – 11am & 3pm         


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