Budget Debate 2024: Desmond Choo on Empowering Youth for the Future Economy

NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Desmond Choo champions youth futures, advocating accessible SkillsFuture credits and the Career Starter Lab to foster AI and green skills, ensuring a just transition for all.
By Kay del Rosario 28 Feb 2024
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NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Desmond Choo addresses the challenges youths face in early career stages, emphasising the importance of a Just Transition to the new economy.  


Advocating for lowering the SkillsFuture credit eligibility age, he proposes a robust support system for young Singaporeans to navigate the evolving workplace, especially in adapting to AI technologies and the Green Transition. 


Highlighting NTUC’s the Career Starter Lab initiative, Mr Choo underscores the significance of career trials and mentorship in ensuring youths are prepared for future demands.  


His focus is on empowering youths to be future-ready and adapting to environmental changes, reinforcing NTUC’s commitment to action and support because #EveryWorkerMatters.