Domestic Employees Shine at U! Dazzle Talent Contest Organised by NTUC and CDE

Over 60 domestic employees signed up to perform at the virtual celebration.
By Kay del Rosario 22 May 2022

NTUC and the Centre for Domestic Employees (CDE) came together to celebrate migrant domestic workers for their hard work over the COVID-19 period. 

The NTUC May Day Domestic Employees Celebration was held virtually on 22 May 2022.

The show featured the highly anticipated U Dazzle! talent competition, and was live-streamed on the CDE’s Facebook page and website.

The annual event also reiterated the importance of maintaining harmonious employer-employee relationships post-pandemic.

Minister of State (MOS) for Manpower Gan Siow Huang kicked-off the event as guest of honour with a special message for our household helpers.

“Despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, you have continued to care for and support your employer’s household.

“You’ve also followed the safe management measures to keep everyone safe. Your efforts have certainly helped Singapore to become a COVID-19 resilient nation,” Ms Gan said.

She also touched on how employers and the local community have a part to play in supporting and caring for domestic employees.

To make the celebration even more special, NTUC and CDE encouraged employers to submit a short note and photos of themselves with their domestic employees.

Their Time to Shine

More than 60 domestic employees of different nationalities signed up for the pre-recorded performances, and around 10,000 viewers – including employers and guests – tuned-in to the virtual show. 

Some of those who showed off their talents included: Mai Khin Thidar Tun, who sang and played the guitar; Lorilene Virata who did a Zumba routine; and the Hataw Bayan Dancers, a group of four women who did a special dance number.

Another participant, Graziel Bheth Timtim came with her employer’s daughter, Jayne Peh. The pair performed an original song by Jayne, who credits her Aunty Graziel for starting her on her musical journey.

Applauding the duo, Union of Security Employees General Secretary Raymond Chin said: “Graziel’s relationship with the Peh family is one that NTUC and CDE encourage both employers and domestic employees to adopt.”

ST Engineering Staff Union Genera Secretary Sazali Zainal also appreciated and encouraged domestic employees through a short message.

“We want all of you to know that we deeply appreciate all that you have done for Singapore, and on behalf of everyone, I’d like to say a big thank you to our migrant sisters and brothers,” Mr Sazali said.

Both Mr Chin and Mr Sazali sit on the NTUC Central Committee and are co-chairpersons of this year’s NTUC May Day Domestic Employees Celebration 2022 Committee.