Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union steps in to assist workers affected by Flash Coffee’s liquidation

The union will assist affected members with salary-related claims and job assistance support.
By Ian Tan Hanhonn 13 Oct 2023
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The Food, Drinks and Allied Workers Union (FDAWU) engaged several workers from Flash Coffee on 13 October 2023 after learning that workers were being owed salaries and that the company was undergoing liquidation.


Through online reports, FDAWU learned of the coffee chain’s closure and news of workers allegedly being “on strike” at the outlet at Jurong Point.


The union stepped in to assist the affected workers, despite Flash Coffee not being a unionised company.


In a media statement, FDAWU President Julie Cheong wrote that the union immediately visited some outlets to verify the closure. FDAWU also contacted several workers to understand the situation better and assist.


What the union knows


The company told the workers on 10 October 2023 of the outlets’ closure the following day, learnt FDAWU from its engagement with affected workers.


The union also learnt from the workers that on 12 October 2023, they were invited to a meeting where they were told their employment would be terminated immediately.


During the same meeting with the company, the workers learnt about the company’s provisional liquidation on 9 October 2023.


Ms Cheong wrote: “Workers affected by the sudden closure of the outlets had outstanding salaries, CPF contributions and prevailing leave entitlements. Salaries owed comprise 75 per cent of workers’ September salaries, as well as for the work done up till 12 October, along with encashment of remaining leave days.


“The workers engaged by the union shared that there were no explicit plans to put up any coordinated action following companies’ sharing of the situation at hand.”


Next steps


FDAWU added that it would assist affected members with salary-related claims and job assistance support.


It will leverage its network of unionised companies and the wider Labour Movement network, such as NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute), to help affected workers find suitable employment opportunities.


Workers whom FDAWU has already engaged have been connected to immediate job vacancies in the services sector.


FDAWU will continue to monitor the situation and render any further support to members where required.


Alternatively, affected members and employees can also approach FDAWU at 6737 6088 during office hours or email for assistance.


Flash in a pan


Flash Coffee touts itself as a tech-enabled coffee chain that blended “an award-winning menu with affordable prices”.


The company also operates in various Asian markets, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Hong Kong.


The chain started business in Singapore in 2020, growing to nearly 30 outlets islandwide in 2021.


All 11 remaining outlets in Singapore have now ceased operations.