NTUC Calls for More Support to Ensure Safety of Road Delivery Riders

An event hosted by the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA) saw riders and their families engaging in talks on road safety measures.
By Deepa Pushpanathan 09 Jun 2022

Delivery riders received tips on safe road riding through step-by-step demonstrations by the Safe Cycling Task Force (SCTF) and TWD Bicycle at an event dedicated to the safety of delivery riders.

The Ride Safe for My Family event was held at Our Tampines Hub on 9 June 2022.

The event comes amid the rising numbers of work-related accidents nationwide of which the food delivery industry is not exempt. An average of about 560 serious accidents involving cyclists on roads were recorded yearly in the last five years.

Riding Safe, Home Safe

The event was the latest safety-related initiative organised by National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA).

“The road safety of delivery riders is one of NTUC's key concerns. These workers' journeys on the road can be precarious and they are vulnerable to skids and falls especially in wet weather or when they rush to meet delivery timings.

“We strongly believe that more can be done to address the well-being and safety of our delivery riders who need their livelihoods to support their families, such as having bulky orders matched to a more appropriate delivery mode instead of bicycles or PABs [Power-Assisted Bicycles],” said NDCA Advisor Yeo Wan Ling. Ms Yeo is also the director of NTUC U SME and U Women and Family.

Invited speakers at the event were SCTF Ambassador Steven Lim and TWD Bicycle owner Rachmat Tony Sinjo. Both speakers shed light on safety measures including how to conduct safety checks on bikes, maintaining the condition of the bike, and how riders can avoid collisions with other vehicles on the road.

Ling Chian Siang, 44, who works with Grab as a rider said: “From today's event, most of the safe driving tips are useful. I use a mountain bike so I learned some new information about e-bikes. Besides road safety, I think as a rider it’s also important to keep your body hydrated, keep your mind ready, and assess your fitness. Don’t overdo it. If you are tired, stop and rest.”

How Else Can Riders Keep Safe?

The NDCA initiated the formation of the Workplace Safety and Health Workgroup for Delivery Services in October last year. The workgroup aimed to curate practices promoting safety, health and welfare for riders in their workplace.

In collaboration with the Land Transport Authority's Confidence on Wheels Programme, NDCA was also able to educate cyclists and users of PABs on safe riding practices.

Recent statistics show that more needs to be done to protect riders on the road.

Traffic accidents involving bicycles in 2020 have gone up about 25 per cent compared to in 2019, from 459 accidents to 572 accidents. In 2021 alone, there were 751 cyclist and pillion road accidents recorded.

Mr Ling also spoke about his mother’s disapproval towards his job as a rider.

“She said it’s a dangerous job. It's all on the road. She has an olden day thinking. But it is a good job, I enjoy it. You keep fit and you are able to exercise, and you get paid, and you make people happy,” he said.

The NDCA is open to receiving more feedback from riders about their needs to better represent their concerns and rights, as well as in hopes of improving not only the livelihood of riders but also their families.

“We seek greater understanding and graciousness towards our riders from road users and urge various stakeholders to join our efforts to create safer work conditions for them," said Ms Yeo.