National Delivery Champions Association partners GoGoX to boost driver-partner well-being and skills

The partnership aims to empower platform workers through training programmes and incentives, marking a significant step forward in enhancing last-mile delivery services and improving driver-partners’ productivity and well-being at work.
By Kay del Rosario 09 Jan 2024

Jeremy Ooi, a 44-year-old driver-partner with GoGoX primarily handles parcel deliveries and engages with customers directly.


His job involves a diversity of tasks, from handling standard deliveries to VIP jobs involving high-end clients and valuable items.


“In my three years at GoGoX, I’m enjoying what I’m doing. It’s not only because of the support that GoGoX provides, but I also value the variety and challenges that come with my role as a platform driver,” he said.


Jeremy’s job taught him the importance of having diverse skill sets, ranging from handling standard parcels to addressing unique challenges, such as delivering large or delicate items. Then there are other valuable skills to have as well.


He said: “For example, customer service. You can deliver from point A to point B, but sometimes when problems arise, if you have skills in customer service, maybe we can actually make it a pleasant experience and deal with the situation better.”


Jeremy and other GoGoX driver-partners will soon benefit from a pilot training programme for platform workers to boost last-mile delivery service.




Going the extra mile for driver-partners


In a move that underscores a commitment to the professional development and welfare of platform workers like Jeremy, the National Delivery Champions Association (NDCA), an NTUC-affiliated association, has joined forces with logistics platform operator GoGoX.


They signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on 9 January 2024 to enhance skills development of GoGoX driver-partners through structured training, encourage information sharing between GoGoX and NDCA, and enhance representation of platform workers through the NDCA when the new Platform Worker Representative Body (PWRB) is formed.


NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Cham Hui Fong said: “We are encouraged by the partnership between GoGoX and NDCA in supporting the platforms workers to improve their skills through training, which contributes to the development of their professional capabilities for the longer term.”


Patrick Wong, GoGoX Singapore Managing Director, emphasised the initiative’s purpose.


“This MOU underscores our commitment to work closely with platform workers’ representative organisations such as the NDCA and NTUC to help advance the interests and welfare of our driver-partners.


“This initiative also helps bridge the skills gap in this sector, enabling our driver-partners to not only provide better services to customers but also gives them a sense of pride and fulfilment for being a crucial part of an increasingly digital economy,” he said.


Training incentives to empower workers


Based on discussions, GoGoX and NDCA agreed that more could be done to boost driver-partners’ confidence when interacting with customers in the delivery process.


The discussions led to a collaboration with NTUC LearningHub to come up with a one-day training programme to equip GoGoX driver-partners with relevant skills to hone their problem-solving capabilities, including their approach to effective customer-oriented communication techniques.


The initiative also introduced a range of incentives for driver-partners to participate in the training programme.


These incentives include a one-time training allowance of $50 in driver credits, $30 fuel rebates, one month of association membership sponsorship, and $20 worth of FairPrice vouchers.


All these are designed to mitigate driver-partners’ loss of income while upskilling and reskilling.


“We are delighted that GoGoX joined us in signing the MOU, signifying a positive start and commendable step forward by prioritising the training and welfare of its driver-partners; with the inclusion of a training allowance to motivate partners to upskill themselves while supporting their livelihoods,” said NDCA President Goh Yong Wei.


NTUC LearningHub CEO Jeremy Ong expressed his enthusiasm for the project.


“We will continue to work with NDCA and platform operators to curate good quality training programmes to further equip platform workers with the relevant critical core skills, so that they can thrive in an ever-evolving customer landscape, and even pivot to other job roles in the future,” he said.


Reshaping the landscape of platform work


This collaborative effort between NDCA and GoGoX is set to reshape the landscape of platform work in Singapore, focusing on skill development, worker representation, and overall well-being.


It sets a positive example for the industry, ensuring that platform workers have the support and resources they need to excel in their roles.


For Jeremy, who is a strong believer in continuous learning, this is definitely good news.


“At the end of the day, the more skills you have, the more productive and more efficient you become, you work less but earn more,” he said.