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New Marine and Offshore Transformation Initiative to Strengthen Sector’s Decarbonisation Efforts

The Marine and Offshore Transformation Initiative will equip workers with skills to develop and manage sustainable solutions for the sector.
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The Association of Singapore Marine Industries (ASMI) will launch a new programme on 1 April 2023 to help bolster the decarbonisation efforts within the marine and offshore energy (M&OE) sector.


Called the Marine and Offshore Transformation Initiative (MOTI), ASMI announced the initiative on 29 March 2023 during the official handing over ceremony of a pair of Hybrid Crew Transfer Vessels (CTV) at Strategic Marine’s shipyard facility along Benoi Road.


Some 30 M&OE companies are expected to benefit from this initiative.


Minister of State for Trade and Industry Alvin Tan, the guest of honour at the event, shared that as the industry adopts newer and greener technologies, the workforce needs to be concurrently developed and trained in these new capabilities.


He said: “I am glad that Strategic Marine is one of the first companies to board this MOTI pilot.”


About the Transformation Initiative


MOTI aims to equip workers with decarbonisation strategies; business diversification; emissions, innovation, disruption, and sustainability management skills.


These workers would then take up the role of Marine Decarbonisation Champion within their own company to help lead and drive decarbonisation projects or develop low-carbon solutions.


ASMI will be supported by Workforce Singapore (WSG), NTUC’s Electronics, Marine & Engineering (EME) Cluster and NTUC’s E2i (Employment and Employability Institute) in this transformation initiative.


They will work closely with companies and their Marine Decarbonisation Champion to develop and implement more sustainable projects.


Additionally, MOTI will help establish and train company representatives to become Marine Digitalisation Champions, who will be equipped with the know-how to drive the sector’s digital transformation – including adopting the M&OE Industry Digital Plan.


More information on the Marine Digitalisation Champion will be provided later.


ASMI President Simon Kuik shared that the association was glad to be able to help facilitate the tripartite partnership in this initiative.


He said: “With the launch of the Marine & Offshore Transformation Initiative, the Association stand committed to helping as many of our M&OE companies to build up their decarbonisation capabilities.”


NTUC’s EME Cluster Co-Chairperson Eileen Yeo said that developing workforce capabilities in areas like marine decarbonisation and offshore renewables is a win-win outcome for both companies and workers.


“Through MOTI, we are confident that our workers will be better equipped with relevant skills and develop a long-term growth mindset that value-adds to companies’ transformation plans,” said Ms Yeo, the general secretary of the Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering Employees’ Union (SMEEU).


Hand Over Ceremony


The pair of Hybrid CTVs are the first in Southeast Asia – bearing the new hybrid marine propulsion systems.


The handover ceremony also marked Singapore Marine SMEs’ pivot into offshore renewables and decarbonisation solutions for the maritime sector.


It also represents the industry’s commitment to the growing global demand for a low-carbon future.