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Singapore Shifts to DORSCON Green; Government Lifts Remaining COVID-19 Safe Management Measures

The changes will take effect from 13 February 2023, said the Multi-Ministry Taskforce.
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By Ian Tan Hanhonn 09 Feb 2023
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The Government will lift all remaining COVID-19 imposed restrictions from 13 February 2023 as it revises Singapore’s DORCSON level to green.


This includes the cessation of mask-wearing while commuting via public transportation or in healthcare settings, TraceTogether and other SafeEntry procedures, healthcare protocols 1-2-3, and border measures.


Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong made the announcement during the COVID-19 Multi-Ministry Taskforce (MTF) press conference on 9 February 2023 at the National Press Centre.


“Having reviewed the situation carefully, we have assessed that it is time to step down the remaining measures in Singapore and establish an endemic COVID-19 new norm,” said Mr Wong, who is also the Co-Chair of the MTF.


With the lifting of the restrictions, the MTF panel will be standing down, and the Ministry of Health (MOH) will assume the management of the COVID-19 situation.


Singapore went into heightened alert in February 2020 when the Government announced that the DORSCON level was to be raised to orange. The DORSCON level was adjusted to yellow in August 2022 and has remained to date.


Mr Wong thanked the nation for its support in the fight against COVID-19.


“A big thank you to also everyone involved in the fight against COVID, including our public servants, our partners and the people in the private sectors, the unions and workers across all fields - including members of the media, as well as the many unsung heroes who have helped us get through the last three years,” he shared.


Local COVID-19 Situation


In January 2023, the daily number of COVID-19-related hospitalisations stayed below 100. The number of daily COVID-19 cases requiring intensive care remains in the single digits.


MOH said that Singapore’s population currently has a high level of hybrid immunity and is well protected from severe COVID-19.


“Around 80 per cent of our population have achieved minimum protection, and around half are up to date with their vaccinations,” the ministry shared in a press release.


MOH added that most patients have recovered from infections during previous COVID-19 waves.


Today, COVID-19 infections leading to severe illness or death have become comparable to other endemic respiratory diseases, such as influenza or pneumococcal infections, added MOH.


Mask Wearing


While mask-wearing on public transport and indoor healthcare and residential care settings will no longer be required, MOH will retain the practice of mask-wearing for visitors, staff and patients in healthcare and residential care settings.


This applies to scenarios where there is interaction with patients and in indoor patient-facing areas.


Mask wearing in healthcare settings will be a MOH requirement moving forward rather than mandated measure.