TADA collaborates with NTUC-affiliated associations to protect platform workers’ interests

The collaboration comes ahead of an upcoming legislation for the formal recognition of platform workers through a platform worker representative body.

By Shukry Rashid 29 Nov 2023
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Platform operator TADA has signed an agreement with the National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) and National Delivery Champions Association to better protect interests of platform workers in Singapore.


The agreement also aims to deepen collaboration and information sharing between TADA and the associations, enhance skills development, and membership support of TADA driver-partners and delivery-partners.


The collaboration comes ahead of an upcoming legislation for the formal recognition of platform workers through a platform worker representative body (PWRB).


The legislation is expected to be implemented in the second half of 2024.


The agreement between TADA and the associations paves the way for TADA partners to benefit from better protection of their work-related interests before the formation of the new PWRB.


TADA will accord direct recognition to the new PWRB upon its formation, effectively enabling the PWRB to formally represent the interests of TADA’s partners.


The agreement


The agreement was signed during NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Desmond Tan’s visit to TADA Station on 29 November 2023.


Through the agreement, TADA and the associations will curate courses in areas such as customer service excellence, safer driving techniques, personal grooming and branding, for TADA partners to ensure a smooth, safe, and comfortable commute for themselves and consumers.


The three parties will also collaborate more deeply and collectively discuss any issues concerning TADA’s partners to support social, engagement and member recruitment opportunities.


TADA will subsidise membership fees for one year for 600 new partners who sign up as NTUC members. New partners who complete 200 trips within the first month of on boarding shall be eligible.


The membership subsidies align with TADA’s aim to enhance the well-being of its partners and provide them with social, recreational, training and skills-upgrading benefits.


The agreement also sets out other areas of collaboration which all parties agree to look into, such as fair practices on partners’ welfare, earning capabilities and establishing a framework for the management of disputes and grievances.


NPHVA General Secretary Joseph Goh said that the partnership is a good effort leading up to the legislation.


He added that the agreement would equip platform workers with skills and knowledge to serve consumers better.


A milestone


The agreement is part of a continued advocacy for the protection of platform workers in the areas of:


  1. Safeguard the Future: Ensure that platform workers have long-term financial adequacy
  2. Protect the Now: Ensure that platform workers have sufficient medical and injury coverage
  3. Better Representation: Ensure that platform workers’ interests are represented


Mr Tan said that the agreement shows that TADA is a progressive and supportive company.


He added: “They don’t just look at their business growth prospects but also always pay attention to workers’ wages and welfare.


“Beyond this MOU of representation, the other two areas we will continue to work [with platform operators] on are retirement adequacy as well as financial support during injury.”


TADA Mobility CEO Sean Kim said that the company recognises its responsibility to adapt its practices to ensure that nobody gets left behind amidst a paradigm shift brought about by the gig economy.


He added that the agreement is a joint pledge to construct a framework that ensures fair representation, protection, and opportunities for its platform workers.


“Today’s MOU further solidifies this commitment – to amplify the voices and welfare of those powering our platforms,” added Mr Kim.