What is the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR)?

Facilitated by NTUC Industry Training Officers (ITOs), the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) helps senior stakeholders and relevant specialists across functions to co-create strategies on how their business or organisation can grow and workers can transform by capitalising on the right drivers, services, technologies, capabilities and manpower.




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Define objectives

Strategic assessment

Establish a common understanding of the current situation of the organisation in relation to business environment

Roadmap objectives

Establish a common understanding of the current situation of the organisation in relation to business environment

Understand key drivers

External and internal drivers

Identify customer requirements, performance dimensions, market and technology drivers, and internal business drivers that shape the organisation into the future

Develop new ideas

Game-changing products, services, and business models

In line with identified drivers, generate innovative ideas and deliverables to help create and capture value

Identify capability enablers

Suitable technologies and solutions

Identify the technology, people, skills, capabilities, partnerships, organisational and ecosystem resource actions required to deliver new value proposition

Actualise your roadmap

Milestones and timeline

Set concrete milestones and a realistic timeline to execute your roadmap, ensuring a clear path to achieving your defined objectives

Here’s how you benefit
Get a customised roadmap containing workforce and business transformations. With the customised roadmap, you should be able to:
Gain a broader perspective to accelerate the business transformation
Lead your teams forward through a unified strategy
Identify suitable resources to support business growth and manpower transformation
Get a full subsidy if you have set up a CTC partnership with a Union or U SME

Questions to get you started

With an OTR, your company will be guided to develop a forward looking strategy, considering industry shifts, technological advancements, market demands and the overall capabilities required to help your organisation be ready for the future. By aligning with an OTR, your company can anticipate and adapt to changes faster, ensuring a proactive rather than reactive stance in the market.

The frequency of update varies, with key factors including industry dynamics, technological innovations and degree of roadmap implementation. Organisations can further keep abreast of changes by industry and government by leveraging on the networks of NTUC through the CTC platform.

A roadmap generally encompasses:

  • Timeframe: Short to long term milestones
  • Market needs: Customer requirements that can change over time
  • Business environment: Technological, regulatory, competitive and other forces, trends or risks that can impact the organisation
  • Value proposition: Key products, services and deliverables planned
  • Capabilities: Talent, technology and other resources required to deliver the new value proposition

At the organisational level, cross-functional decision makers and workers representatives are required in the co-creation of a roadmap that considers multiple perspectives from current state into the future.
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