What is the CTC?

A Company Training Committee (CTC) comprises your management, union and worker representatives. Focusing on identifying and implementing upgrading of workforce and accompanying transformation initiatives, this collaboration helps enhance employee skills for business growth, align training with organisational goals and fosters continuous learning towards business transformation.


See how companies like Kowabunga Global, Netatech, Kose and SBS Transit have transformed their workforces through setting up CTCs.



Here’s how you benefit


Business transformation

Develop a transformation roadmap for clarity, alignment and execution of change plans.

Talent management

Plan for manpower needs, recruit and retain skilled employees for business success.

Capability upgrade

Identify skill gaps and get funding to upgrade your workforce through job redesign and training.

Questions to get you started

The CTC partnership between businesses and NTUC aims to strengthen:

  • Future readiness: Planning and implementing initiatives that prepare workforce and business for future requirements
  • Skills advancement: Identifying skills gaps and providing suitable training interventions
  • Industry collaboration: Fostering and leveraging partnerships with government, training providers, technology partners and ecosystem solution providers

As CTCs are made up of your company management alongside union/worker representatives, a big part of the engagement involves understanding and clarifying your unique challenges, goals and transformation priorities, together. Each CTC also works with assigned NTUC Industry Training Officers (ITOs) and NTUC Training & Placement Ecosystem support, helping to ensure that suggested transformation initiatives are not just industry-relevant but company-specific.

After setting up your CTC, expect regular consultations with NTUC Industry Training Officer (ITO) and NTUC team through regular CTC meetings and discussions on targeted jobs, skills and transformation initiatives.

Success is gauged with reference to the workforce impacted through transformation initiatives in line with business and agreed transformation goals.

Absolutely. The CTC partnership between the company and NTUC provides opportunities to understand industry trends and leverage on support from NTUC LearningHub (LHUB), Employment and Employability Institute (e2i) and suitable training partners to strengthen your organisation's learning culture.

Journeying with you through business transformation

Covering across manufacturing, services and even non-profit sectors, NTUC's Industry Training Officers (ITOs) and Training and Placement Ecosystem assess your needs and partner you to implement your transformation plan.
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