3E Accounting Group

​Being the first unionised SME accounting f​irm, my team and I benefited greatly from support of NTUC Training and Transformation team, whom together with e2i, A*STAR and our Company Training Committee (CTC), facilitated the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) for 3E Accounting to help us chart potential industry trends, map current and future workplans in human resource and capital investments, and grow our external wing via overseas market expansion. Through the OTR, we identified our ambition to become the world's first SME robotics accounting firm.

Lawrence Chai, Founder & Chief Technology Officer, 3E Accounting Group

AICA Singapore

AICA Singapore is pleased to have developed our Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) in partnership with the Chemical Industries Employees Union (CIEU) and NTUC Training and Transformation (T&T) team. Prior to the sessions, we met with the facilitators from T&T who helped to clearly define the OTR objectives set for the management team. As much as we wanted to conduct a physical session, we had to conduct the sessions virtually due to the safe management advisories (Phase 2HA). Nonetheless, it was an enriching experience as the management team participated in the rapid fire brainstorming and the intense discussions. The OTR methodology was an eye opener, guiding us through structured thinking and brainstorming to be able to plan ahead in operations. The OTR process is a future tool that the managers can use in their respective departments. The facilitators brought the session to life with their own experiences and suggestions. Their engaging approach was instrumental in guiding us through the process, resulting in an exciting roadmap. A heartfelt thank you to the team and I look forward to work closely with NTUC in the various initiatives identified through this exercise.

Ter Leong Thai, Assistant General Manager, AICA Singapore

ALBA WAH Smart City

We would like to register our heartfelt thanks and immense appreciation to the NTUC T&T-OTR Team who assisted us in our preliminary planning to transform our Operations and Workforce to be future-ready. Through the kind introduction from our IRO who linked us up with her colleagues in NTUC, we were introduced to the T&T facilitators. With excellent facilitation and listening skills from the NTUC T&T-OTR Team, the OTR process crystallized our thoughts on the “Why, What and How” of reaching our five - year corporate vision. The collaborative ideation, brainstorming, brain-sailing and synergistic efforts from all parties have formed a comprehensive roadmap for the realisation of our corporate vision in sustainability. Hence, we are more aware of the necessary resources we require to reach our OTR destination. The path to business and workforce transformation has just begun. We shall boldly embrace it with confidence and perseverance. Kindly convey our sincerest thanks and appreciation to the Team. Thank You Very Much!

Jakob Lambsdorff, Chief Executive Officer, ALBA WAH Smart City


The Strategic Road Mapping / OTR experience forced the team to come together amidst busy daily schedules to have strategic conversations and brainstorm ideas. The NTUC team's facilitation was useful to help us make use of the time effectively and the clear presentation of our thoughts and discussions assisted us in documentation. Thank you NTUC for the wonderful experience!

Cho Pei Lin, Managing Director, APRW

BELLS Institute of Higher Learning

We would like to convey our sincere gratitude to the NTUC Training and Transformation Team for the successful and effective facilitation during the Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR) retreat that we have recently conducted. The process has not only allowed the various stakeholders to better align themselves to the objectives of the Organisation in the long run, it has also opened a window for new ideas to be formed and clarity to be achieved with existing goals. These level of engagement and facilitation is valuable to us as an Organisation and to the Senior Management, including myself, as it ensures that there will be a concerted effort from all stakeholders moving forward, to achieve our OTR plans in the following years.

Adrian Ang, Founder & Chief Executive Officer, BELLS Institute of Higher Learning


We extend our gratitude to the NTUC Training & Transformation team and CMPU for their invaluable guidance during the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) sessions with our team. Thanks to their support, we have achieved a clearer vision and have successfully formulated the necessary strategies to propel our business to new heights.

Jason & Cheyene, Directors, BWS-Agency

Biocreations Asia

The Biocreations Asia team enjoyed the professional and engaging facilitation by the NTUC Training and Transformation team. Over the weeks of workshops, our team charted the Operation & Technology Roadmap (OTR) that identified potential industry trends as well as resources required e.g. training to achieve the goals. It was a great team-bonding exercise too as members of various functions provided their inputs, and aligned to work towards the same ambition.

Dolphy Yeo, Director, Biocreations Asia

Boskalis - SMIT Singapore

Whilst speed is important to keep the momentum going, the quality in your compilation of the materials is truly impressive. The ability of the OTR team to articulate all the inputs of the participants in clear, concise language showed case the skills of an experienced and attentive team. Participants remained fully engaged and motivated to contribute till the end because the OTR team ensured that they understood how the strategic plan was being constructed steadily in a structured, systematic manner. More importantly, all inputs were explored sensitively; and participants were convinced that their inputs were valuable quickly. The 4 OTR facilitators provided variety in delivery styles which was interesting and refreshing. I must give the highest compliments to the team, the outcome exceeded my expectation; high value add outcome after what seemed like “a happy 15-hour walk in the park”. The quality of the materials produced for us are so compelling, we are committed to take the first step towards operationalising the various elements in our 3-year strategic plan, fast.

Lee Sook Fung, General Manager, Boskalis - SMIT Singapore


We would like to register our heartfelt appreciation to NTUC Training & Transformation team. Through Singapore Manual & Mercantile Workers’ Union’s recommendation, we went through the OTR process which crystallized our thoughts on the “Why, What and How” and the visioning of our three-year goals. The workshops were conducted through excellent facilitation and listening skills from the NTUC T&T team, We thanked the experienced team in structuring our roadmap so that we were able to chart out our plans and tasks in a systematic way. It is helpful in receiving diverse views from my team members, generating participation and inputs, thereby prioritizing our company's multiple goals. The path to business and workforce transformation has just begun. We look forward to embracing the next steps with more confidence.

Stefan Lim, Deputy Chief Executive officer, CASA

CSS Office Solutions

CSS is thrilled to have collaborated with the USME and NTUC Training and Transformation (IT&T) team on the development of our Operation and Technology Roadmap (OTR). Working closely with IT&T facilitators, we found the pre-session consultations invaluable in defining clear OTR objectives for each department. The rapid-fire brainstorming and intense discussions during the sessions were truly enriching, offering a new perspective on structured thinking and planning ahead in our operations. The 5 Steps OTR methodology introduced by the team is an eye-opener, providing our managers with a valuable tool for departmental planning. Their engaging approach was instrumental in guiding us through the process, resulting in an exciting roadmap for the next 3 years. A heartfelt thank you to the team, and we eagerly anticipate working closely with NTUC on the initiatives identified through this exercise. #Step Forward into Growth. Thank you all once again for leading the CSS team forward through a unified strategy, allowing the team to identify suitable resources and support business transformation.

Chris Poh, Managing Director, CSS OFFICE SOLUTIONS PTE LTD