Free Training Courses for Private-Hire Union Members

The National Private Hire Vehicles Association launches a series of customised training courses to support drivers with skills upgrading.
By Ian Tan Hanhonn 17 Jun 2021

Private hire vehicle (PHV) drivers who are members of the National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA) can look forward to free training courses to upgrade their skills.

NPHVA announced on 17 June 2021 that it will be working with various partners on a series of customised training courses to upskill its member drivers, ensuring that they have access to refresher courses on road safety and driving.

NPHVA Advisor Yeo Wan Ling said that the association has been providing greater financial and welfare support to its members during this difficult time brought about by the pandemic.

She said: “We hope that our member drivers will take advantage of the training made available to upgrade themselves to remain relevant and stay resilient. Even as Singapore prepares for post-COVID-19 recovery, NPHVA will continue to work closely with the Government and industry partners to further the interests and livelihoods of our PHV member drivers.”

Kicking off the Training

NPHVA, together with the Singapore Kindness Movement, will kickstart the series of training courses by piloting a Safe and Gracious Driver Initiative.

Developed by NTUC LearningHub (LHUB) and supported by partners like the Land Transport Authority, Traffic Police, as well as platform operators like Ryde Technologies and TADA Singapore, the initiative aims to refresh drivers on the essentials of safe driving.

Some of the key training topics include driving in adverse weather conditions and assisting wheelchair-bound passengers.

The course will be held online and will be modular to accommodate the schedules of PHV drivers.

About 8,000 member drivers are expected to benefit from the pilot.

NPHVA will continue to work with LHUB to offer its members complimentary access to more than 60 online courses.

They will cover areas such as safe driving and customer care, business fundamentals, digital marketing, communication, and personal development, including emotional resilience and mental well-being.