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Run To C.A.R.E Raises Over $76,000 for Lower-Income Families

The inaugural virtual charity run organised by NTUC Club’s U Sports exceeds its original target of $50,000.
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By Ian Tan Hanhonn 25 Apr 2022
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NTUC Club’s inaugural virtual charity run, Run To C.A.R.E, has raised over $76,000 – exceeding its original target of $50,000.

The event took place from 16 March 2022–10 April 2022 and was organised by NTUC Club’s key engagement platform U Sports. NTUC Club and NTUC-U Care Fund announced the total sum raised in a joint release on 22 April 2022.

Over 15,000 lower-income families stand to benefit from amount raised.

NTUC Club's Membership Engagement & Experience Director Gigi Low thanked the over 1,000 participants who clocked over 36,000km in the run, as well as event partners who supported the event.

“With this integration of sports and charity, we not only helped others who are in need, but also ourselves to keep fit and healthy,” she said.

NTUC Care and Share Department Director Zainal Sapari said that the NTUC U-Care Fund is truly heartened to be the selected beneficiary of Run To C.A.R.E.

“I am grateful to all who supported and donated to this fundraising campaign, and to all fundraisers and participants who joined us in this meaningful initiative… We look forward to future events with U Sports!” said Mr Zainal, who is also the NTUC assistant director-general.

A Fundraiser for All

Participants included a runner who covered a total distance of over 657km, a five-year-old girl who raised $1,000 via her own fundraising campaign, and a youth who teamed up with his buddy to clock 42km in 14 days.

Sheng Peng, a youth leader from nEbO (nobody Enjoys being Ordinary), said that raising funds for lower-income workers and their families was something that resonated with him.

“Many of us are blessed to be reasonably financially comfortable and we can do our little part to give and contribute to the less fortunate,” he said.

Harnessing Technology for Charity

The run is but one of many collaborations that the NTUC-U Care Fund has partaken in that harnesses technology to raise funds.

In 2021, the NTUC-U Care Fund raised over $8 million, of which $1 million came from the adoption of new technologies and platforms to call for donations.

The effort included Singapore’s first Non-Fungible Token charity auction, done in collaboration with Blockchain Association Singapore, and an e-Getai charity concert which was done in partnership with HyperLive Entertainment. Over $600,000 was raised through the two initiatives.

More collaborations are being planned.