More than 22,000 migrant workers celebrate International Migrants Day with the Migrant Workers’ Centre

The celebrations were held at Little India and the MWC Recreation Club.

By Shukry Rashid 17 Dec 2023
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(Top photo by the Ministry of Manpower)


More than 22,000 migrant workers celebrated International Migrants Day (IMD) with the Migrant Workers’ Centre (MWC) on 17 December 2023.


International Migrants Day falls on 18 December 2023.


The celebrations were held at the MWC Recreation Club at Soon Lee and the Birch Road open field in Little India.


The Little India event was the first time MWC partnered with the Ministry of Manpower’s Assurance, Care and Engagement (ACE) Group to co-organise a series of activities for migrant workers.


NTUC Deputy Secretary-General Heng Chee How graced the event at Birch Road.


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Photo credit: Ministry of Manpower


Celebrating migrant workers


More than 12,000 migrant workers attended the Birch Road celebration.


Over 20 partner booths were set up to engage the migrant worker community. These included partners from Non-Governmental Organisations, community partners, embassies and high commissions, commercial partners and Government agencies.


The celebration also featured a concert performance with special guest stars from Bangladesh and India.


Mr Heng said: “Today’s celebration is not just an event, it is a testament to the rich diversity that defines our nation. We gather here to recognise the invaluable contributions of our migrant workers and express our gratitude for the hard work and dedication they bring to Singapore.”


MWC and ACE Group also distributed more than 9,000 care packs to participants, including toiletries, dry rations, snacks, and drinks.


Recognising migrant worker ambassadors


Twenty-three MWC Grassroots Ambassadors were also presented with recognition awards for their active participation in MWC events.


MWC said that the award is a testament to their outstanding contributions to the migrant worker community, particularly for having gone above and beyond to help fellow workers.


These ambassadors play important roles, such as explaining Singapore’s employment laws to newly arrived migrant workers and smoothening their integration by guiding and helping them assimilate into our society.


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One ambassador is Asraful, a construction manager from Bangladesh.


The 40-year-old has been working in Singapore for 15 years.


For the past 13 years, he has consistently demonstrated his commitment to MWC as a volunteer and an ambassador through his active participation in MWC’s events.


He also regularly encourages other migrant workers to attend MWC’s events.


Asraful was instrumental in promoting the MWC ambassadors and membership programmes, showcasing his enthusiasm for fostering community involvement and support for the migrant worker community.


He said: “I work six days a week. I volunteer with MWC on Sundays or whenever I have free time.


“I share with new migrant workers about the laws and regulations in Singapore and how MWC can help them. I feel good when I can do my part to help the migrant community.”


MWC Associate Membership’s steady growth


MWC has also successfully onboarded over 100,000 migrant workers to its associate membership since it was launched in late 2022.


The associate membership provides migrant workers with protection against critical illnesses, death, and accidental total and permanent disability.


The membership also offers benefits such as rebates, discounts, and training and upgrading workshops.


One of the latest offerings is a partnership with Western Union, where members can enjoy a 20 per cent discount on remittance fees.


Click here for more information on the Migrant Workers’ Centre Associate Membership.


IMD celebration at MWC Recreation Club


More than 10,000 attendees joined the celebration at the MWC Recreation Club.


Participants were treated to concert performances, lucky draws and carnival booths.


MWC organised over 150 activities and engaged more than 300,000 migrant workers in 2023.


These activities ranged from IT literacy courses to bodybuilding competitions.


MWC said it will continue to expand and enhance its event offerings, focusing on incorporating more sporting events such as cricket and futsal tournaments.


MWC Executive Director Michael Lim said: “MWC will continue to engage a diversified group of migrant workers through a wide range of sports as we believe that sports play a key and vital role in improving the mental well-being of our migrant workers.


“MWC will be taking the lead to organise more of such events with partners and stakeholders.”