NTUC General Branch-U Care Fund Education Awards

Encourage and support your child’s education with this initiative.
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What is the NTUC General Branch-U Care Fund Education Awards?

NTUC General Branch-U Care Fund Education Awards is dedicated to providing financial support and motivating lower-income members’ school-going children in their academic journey.

Applications are open from now until 19 November 2023.

Who can apply?

To be eligible, you must:
  1. Be a current NTUC General Branch Union Member.
  2. Have continuously paid-up your union membership for a minimum of 6 months at the point of application.
  3. Maintain a paid-up union membership until your child receives the award.
  4. Have a total Monthly Gross Household Income*(GHI) below $3,400 or a monthly Per Capita Income (PCI) below $850.

*Gross income is defined as all income derived from employment/business. Inclusive of overtime and allowances.

Your children:
  1. Must be enrolled in Singapore's educational institutions in 2022 and 2023. These institutions include:
    1. Primary/Secondary Schools
    2. Junior Colleges
    3. Institute of Technical Education
    4. Polytechnics
    5. MOE-registered Special Education Schools
  2. Must not receive or apply for Bursary awards from any other organisations, including the Government Education Scheme, using results from academic year 2022.
  3. Must achieve a passing grade for the overall aggregate and cannot be a retained student in 2023.

How to apply?

Click on E-Services and log into your U Portal Account.


Select Education Awards and Click Read More.


Click Apply under My Application after reading the eligibility criteria under ‘Announcement.’

*You must ensure your payment is current and your particulars are updated.

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Frequently Asked Question

Your child will not be eligible for the Education Award if they are:

  • A student on bridging courses tie-up between foreign and local education institutions and exchange programs. 
  • A graduating student. Your child can only apply if they continue resuming studies in a junior college/polytechnic proceeding to university.
  • A student going to National Service (NS). Your child can only apply when he resumes studies after completing NS.

Only a maximum of 2 children per family can apply.

The quantum for each successful candidate is $200. Each successful candidate in MOE-registered Special Education Schools will receive $400.

Education Level in 2022

Result Slip 2022

Primary 1 to Primary 5

Year-end result slip

Primary 6

PSLE result slip with T-Score

Secondary 1 to Secondary 3

Year-end result slip

Secondary 4 to 5

GCE ‘O’ level result slip

Secondary 4 (NA)/(NT)

GCE ‘N’ level result slip

Junior College 1 to 2

Year-end result slip

Centralised Institute 1 to 3

ITE (Nitec)

Full academic transcript for AY2022/2023

ITE (Higher Nitec)



  1. Your child/children’s Birth Certificate(s)

    For birth certificate(s) not issued from Singapore, please submit a Certificate of Singapore Citizenship/ Re-entry Permit and Student Pass.


  2. Your child/children’s Result Slip(s)

    Full Year Examination Results, Certificates and Transcripts or Slips for Academic Year 2022 (All results slip/transcript MUST bear the school logo. Results slip without the school logo will not be accepted).


  3. Your Income Documents

For Salaried Employees:
  • Latest payslip (within 3 months from the date of application) includes irregular overtime and/or allowances+ OR

    +If pay includes irregular overtime and/or allowances, please provide the last 3 months’ payslip to derive the average monthly pay

  • Employment Letter with company’s letterhead/stamp (stating gross monthly income, including irregular overtime and/or Allowances) OR
  • CPF Statement (Contribution History) for the past 3 months from the date of application.

For Self-Employed, Part-timers or Casual workers:
  • CPF Statement (Contribution History) for the past 3 months from the date of application OR
  • Notice of Assessment from IRAS (Year of Assessment 2023).

For Housewives, Unemployed or Retirees:
  • CPF Statement (Contribution History) for the past 3 months from the date of application. For dependent pass holders without CPF contribution, please submit your dependent pass (front & back) as your supporting document.

You will be notified via SMS by the end of December 2023. You will have the award credited into your bank account registered with NTUC by the end of December 2023.

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