Company Training Committee (CTC) Grant

Tap on the NTUC CTC Grant for your transformation project

What is the NTUC CTC Grant?

The new NTUC CTC Grant is managed by NTUC’s e2i (Employment and Employability Institute) to support applicants that have formed CTCs to implement transformation plans that will lead to better worker and business outcomes. The NTUC CTC Grant provides funding support of up to 70 per cent of the qualifying cost for each project.

Who can apply?

Entities1 legally registered or incorporated in Singapore i.e. companies, societies, non-profit organisations such as charities and social service agencies are welcome to apply.


1 Government bodies, statutory boards, organs of state and wholly-owned subsidiaries are not eligible.

How to apply for NTUC CTC Grant?

Step 1

Form a CTC by contacting your union or emailing Visit for more information on CTCs.

Step 2

Applicant to develop transformation project and show how it leads to better worker and business outcomes.

Step 3

Submit the CTC-endorsed transformation project for NTUC's e2i grant application. Applicants are strongly encouraged to engage NTUC’s e2i at on their project applications before submission.

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