What is the LawWorks Legal Clinics and Legal Primers Programme?

Established in January 2013, LawWorks is a collaboration between NTUC and Pro Bono SG. It aims to educate workers on their legal rights and promote the interests of workers generally.
Under the LawWorks collaboration, the following programmes, resources and/or materials are available to NTUC union members:

  1. monthly legal clinics for personal legal issues/matters;
  2. multiple legal primers organised throughout the year to educate them on their workplace rights; and
  3. pocket series write-ups on the various areas/aspects of employment law, which are updated regularly to reflect any changes in the law.

What to expect at the legal clinics:
  • Basic legal advice and information.
  • No drafting or vetting of documents and letters.
  • A second appointment for the same matter is not allowed.
  • Consultation with the volunteer lawyer will not exceed 20 minutes.
  • Volunteer lawyers will not be able to act for or represent the member in any subsequent legal action.
  • NTUC and/or Pro Bono SG reserves the right to reject any of the cases in its and/or their sole discretion.

Who can apply?

Legal Clinics:

Complimentary only for NTUC union members.
If you have not sought any legal advice on the same matter previously.
If you do not already have a lawyer.
If this is for your own matter (i.e. not on behalf of spouse or family member, etc.)
If this is not for business, corporate or investment-related matters.


Legal Primers:

Complimentary for NTUC union members.
Fee included for members of the public.

How to get in touch with LawWorks?

The legal clinics are held once a month at NTUC Centre with limited slots per session. As such, prior registration is required via e-mail at lawworks@ntuc.org.sg.

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