What is the Legal Assistance Panel (LAP)?

The panel of law firms will provide NTUC union members with assistance in the following areas:

  1. Wills, Estate and Probate Matters
  2. Employment Matters;
  3. General Corporate and Commercial Matters; and
  4. Matrimonial and Criminal Matters.

Who can apply for the LAP?

Only NTUC union members
Must have no arrears at the time of application
If this is for your own matter (i.e. not on behalf of spouse, family member, or a company etc.)
If you have not already engaged a lawyer for your matter

Cases covered under the LAP

Only cases relating to the following areas of law will be considered. 


  • Wills, Estate and Probate Matters e.g. grant of probate, grant of letters of administration, LPAs.
  • Employment Matters e.g. workplace injury, restraint of trade clauses, employment contracts, complex employment disputes.
  • General Corporate and Commercial Matters e.g. setting up / running a business, drafting and reviewing business agreements or other advisory matters.
  • Matrimonial and Criminal Matters e.g. civil and syariah divorce, variation of court orders, Personal Protection Order (PPO) matters, plead guilty hearings, criminal trials.

The process

Do note that this is a general overview of the LAP application process for legal assistance. The NTUC union member’s application may be processed differently, depending on the facts of the member’s case. 


1. Online application

Apply online via NTUC webpage / MyNTUC app

2. Confirmation

Submit the completed Registration Form and receive a Confirmation Letter online, or in hardcopy

3. Consult

Consult a law firm under the LAP

Ready to apply?

Apply now

Questions to get you started

You may apply for the LAP on the MyNTUC App or NTUC uPortal to access the LAP Registration Form. 

You may approach your union or association, or contact our hotline at 6213 8008 for assistance. Please bring your silver membership card and any other document relevant to your application.

If approved, you will receive a Confirmation Letter (either a soft copy or a physical copy) to use to consult a law firm from the LAP. Please show the Confirmation Letter (either a soft copy or a physical copy) to the law firm for the consultation.


You have 4 weeks from the date of the Confirmation Letter to consult and/or engage a law firm from the LAP. You will be responsible for paying the law firm’s fees.

You may consider consulting a volunteer lawyer at the LawWorks legal clinic for a 20-minute complimentary session. Prior registration is required. For more information, please write to lawworks@ntuc.org.sg.

Please note that you will only obtain basic legal advice at the LawWorks legal clinic. You may consider applying for the LAP if you wish to engage a lawyer.

You will not be able to consult a volunteer lawyer at the LawWorks legal clinic for the same legal matter once you have engaged a lawyer from the LAP.

 Once you receive the Confirmation Letter, you will be provided with the panel of law firms for the area that relates to your legal matter.


You may check the law firms’ profiles on the Internet, and contact these firms for any clarification before engaging the law firm.


You may refer to the contact information sheet in the Confirmation Letter and contact the law firms for any clarification. NTUC will not assist you to choose a law firm.


Please identify yourself as an NTUC Member during the call or during your initial correspondence with the law firm. You should ask the law firm if it charges for the initial consultation.

The law firms’ rates will depend on the nature and complexity of the matter. You may approach the law firms directly.

Upon engagement of the law firm, you will enter into a contract/letter of engagement with the law firm.

You may consider discharging your lawyer. If you wish to engage another lawyer, NTUC will not issue a second Confirmation Letter for the same matter. 

We will process your application and respond to you as soon as we can. Please note that any submission received on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays and after office hours will be processed on the next working day.

Yes, you may engage any law firm on your own initiative to handle your legal matter.

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