What is NTUC Care Fund (Youth Enable)?

The NTUC Care Fund (Youth Enable) is a grant which aims to provide continual support for youths in Institutes of Higher Learning (“IHL”) to complete their studies in times of adversity due to sudden and unforeseen circumstances.


This grant is open to NTUC Union Members and NTUC Starter Members. 

For NTUC Starter Members, please find out more information and apply for the grant via this link here.

Who is eligible for NTUC Care Fund (Youth Enable)?

(For NTUC Union Members)

  1. Membership: Members who wish to apply for the grant for their child/children must have at least 6 continuous months of membership at the point of application and must not be in arrears.
  2. Target Group: The grant is for children ("beneficiary") of union members enrolled in full-time courses at eligible IHLs to obtain their first tertiary certification.
  3. Reasons for Hardship: Children of union members are eligible for the grant if the members encounter one of the following unforeseen circumstances which is of a non-industrial nature:
    1. Death;
    2. Total/Partial and Permanent Incapacity; or
    3. Serious chronic medical condition.
  4. Income: Gross Household Income of $4,400 and below, OR Per Capita Income of $1,100 and below if Gross Household Income exceeds $4,400.


 Education Level Annual Stipend*
 Institute of Technical Education (ITE)  $2,000
 Polytechnic  $3,000
 University  $4,000

How to Apply

Applications will open on 27 May 2024. Union members who meet the eligibility criteria can submit their applications via OneCARE.


For deceased members, next-of-kin may approach their respective Union/Association for assistance with the application. Please ensure all supporting documents are prepared.

When and How will the Stipend be Disbursed?

Upon successful application, members will receive an email notification about the application status. The stipend will be credited to the beneficiary’s registered bank account within 30 working days, subject to bank clearance.


For more information, please refer to the factsheet.

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