Fighting for our Fellow PMEs

Image: NTUC PME Unit

On 28 Jan, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General Patrick Tay delivered his speech at the Parliamentary Debate on President’s Address 2016 and shared his thoughts on the likely reality that workers, especially PMEs, may need to brace themselves for redundancies, unemployment, slower employment growth and possibly under-employment, and highlighted three mismatches in the employment market in terms of skills, jobs and expectations. He outlined three key ways to overcome such challenges by strengthening the (i) Singaporean Core, (ii) Connection between PMEs and Jobs, and (iii) Careers of PMEs, including imposing a PME Dependency Ratio for problem sectors and imposing stricter EP application conditions and requirements for companies that show weak Singaporean core and a weak commitment to hire and develop Singaporeans. He also called for the Career Support Programme to be further promoted, positioned and expanded to provide targeted help to all PMEs.

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Check out the key pointers in the infographic below.

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