Amendments to Child Development Co-Savings Act

Published on 01 December 2014


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Responses to the Amendments by the Labour Movement

“The amendment is relevant not only to the current context of what family is and constitutes of, but also for the future. Be it a single parent or dual parent family nucleus, the Government has shown that ultimately, it is the child’s interest that is of paramount importance and that no child should be deprived, penalised or robbed of parental love through no fault of theirs.”  (Source: NTUC This Week  27 November 2016, Page 6)

- Ms. K. Thanaletchimi, NTUC Women’s Committee Chairperson and Labour Nominated Member of Parliament 


“Besides enhancing leave schemes for young parents, Government should consider caregivers of elderly and other dependents as well. It is suggested that we allow flexing of medical leave provided under Employment Act for caregiving needs.”  (Source: Patrick Tay Facebook)

- Mr Patrick Tay, NTUC Assistant Secretary-General and Member of Parliament for West Coast GRC


“Many fathers may feel embarrassed to take up paternity leave or shared parental leave especially after they have been away from work too long when they go on reservist leave for two or three weeks. But for women, our system has come to accept that once mothers go on maternity leave, it will usually be for the full 16 weeks. We therefore need to help fathers to similarly adopt the mindset that it is also alright to consume their leave to help their wives out with their child.” (Source: NTUC This Week  27 November 2016, Page 6)

- Mr Desmond Choo, Director of Young NTUC and Member of Parliament for Tampines GRC


“I’m wondering if more can be done for single mothers, like entitling them to receive the baby bonus cash gift, and allowing them to rent or own a roof over their heads from HDB.” (Source: Channel News Asia)

- Mr Seah Kian Peng, NTUC Fairprice Chief Executive Officer and Member of Parliament for Marine Parade GRC


What Do You Wish to See for Families in Budget 2017?

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