MDPA 2016: Build a Family-Friendly Workplace – KONE Pte Ltd

Published on 03 June 2016

A key player in the escalator and elevator industry, KONE boasts a staff strength of some 370 workers. A key focus for the company is in the development and welfare of its staff, beyond just professional areas.

With support from the Singapore Industrial and Services Employees’ Union (SISEU) and NTUC’s U Family initiative, KONE was able to implement initiatives such as flexible work arrangements and staggered working hours into its operations.

“We heard their voices from yearly employee surveys, especially with regards to their work-life balance. That was the kick-off to drive this programme,” said Jenny Tan, the company’s HR and admin manager.

Some 100 employees are given the option to start work anytime between 7.30am to 9.30am, and have the flexibility to work remotely out of office for up to 24 days a year. Additionally, the company has also enhanced the flexible benefits for its staff from $300 to $500.

According to Jenny, these initiatives have been very well received by the staff, especially working mothers who are able to start work earlier and head off home earlier.

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