Chances and Choices

Published on 18 April 2017

Why do we do the things we do? That is a question Rossana Chen asks herself every day. The healthcare administrator believes in a purpose-driven life.

“As long as I can positively affect people’s lives, it’s enough for me,” she said.

The 31-year-old has been striving to live a purposeful life since a lung infection scare and a lengthy stay in the hospital 10 years ago.

Her mission in life is simple – to sow the seeds of love and happiness in the world and in the people she comes in contact with.

“I consider it an achievement if I do what I can to help people become more aware of themselves and be happy,” said Rossana.

Living by her words, Rossana spends most of her time in various roles to help others. Her busy schedule is split between her job, her position as a branch official of the Healthcare Services Employees’ Union (HSEU) and volunteering in her community. Even though her responsibilities seem like a handful, she finds joy in keeping herself occupied.


“What you have is what I have. It all depends on how you spend your time. People call me a 7 to 11 girl. I’m usually out by 7am and only come home around 11pm. For me, if I’m not doing something that is helping me get to my goal, then I consider my time wasted,” she shared.

Rossana’s involvement in union leadership began four years ago and was purely coincidental.

It started when she was helping out at one of HSEU’s membership drive events. The leader was so impressed with her efficiency that Rossana was offered a role to represent her department in the branch. When her colleagues supported the leader’s decision, she officially became a union leader.

Rossana has not looked back since. Her role as a branch official has brought her many opportunities and experiences.

She is today an advocate for Young NTUC and sits on the NTUC Women’s Committee. She only joined the committee last year but is already learning a lot. Always willing to help, Rossana is looking forward to doing more for women in the workforce.


Last December, she attended a conference by the International Labour Organization on women’s rights and brought back some important lessons.

“I think historically, women have always been second class citizens. We didn’t get to choose the gender we were born with, so why should we be penalised for it? What I see in the future of women is for us to have equal rights with men,” said Rossana.






Story by Nurul Asyikin Yusoff

Photo by Aidan James Loo

*Written and photographed by Temasek Polytechnic students from the Diploma in Communications & Media Management course as part of their Final Year Project from October 2016 to February 2017.


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