Are You Sure about the News You’re Getting?

We may all have been unknowingly guilty of passing on half-truths to friends at some point through social media. What can we do about stopping that?

What Does the Future Hold for Workers?

As part of his job at FJST, Kenneth Chua looks into the future. We are talking about jobs that have yet to become a reality, new technologies that are rapidly appearing and how things will change as time marches on.

Civil Service Mid-Year Bonus

Civil servants to receive an Annual Variable Component of 0.5 month, plus a one-off lump sum this July, benefitting some 85,000 people.

U Tripartite Alumni: Sanjay Nanwani from MOT

His stint in NTWU and NPHVA as part of a tripartite staff exchange programme gives Sanjay a better appreciation of the challenges faced by workers in Singapore’s transport sector and the work the unions do.

08 Feb 2018