Oil-Rig Blues – Will Transforming the Industry Rekindle the Flame?

It’s no secret that Singapore’s marine and offshore industry has been experiencing a bad patch. Its future may lie in the plan by the Government, unions, and various industry partners to create 1,500 new jobs and deepen workers skills.

Migrant Workers: Easy Banking and Benefits

MWC ties up with POSB to offer a new membership programme that covers a range of benefits.

Recognising Model Employers

Nominations are open for the inaugural Tripartite Alliance Award to honour fair, responsible and progressive employers – do you have any management partners in mind?

Healthcare ITM: What the Union is Doing

Now that the Healthcare Industry Transformation Map has been launched, what does it mean for workers in the sector? Healthcare Services Employees’ Union President K. Thanaletchimi details what the union is doing to implement it on the ground.